How to Recover Lost Data from Corrupted MBR

MBR, which is known as “Master Boot Record” is used to identify the location of an operating system. In this way, it is loaded to a computer’s primary memory for a seamless booting process. Needless to say, if your system’s MBR has been corrupted, then it can directly affect its booting as well. This will make your data and content inaccessible. Therefore, to recover lost data from corrupted MBR, you need to take some added measures like using Windows PE. To help you do the same, we have come up with this post. Read on and learn how to recover lost data from corrupted MBR.

What could have caused a corrupted MBR?

Since MBR contains information regarding the location of the system’s operating system, it is also known as the master partition table by many. Once a system is started, MBR provides the location of the operating system and loads it to the primary memory (RAM). If MBR is corrupted, then the necessary files to boot a system won’t be identified. Instead, it displays a message stating the boot configuration data or system device can’t be loaded or found.

mbr is corrupted

MBR can be corrupted due to following reasons:

Thankfully, you can recover lost data from corrupted MBR by taking the assistance of a reliable tool. We have discussed it in detail in the next section.

How to Recover Lost Data from Corrupted MBR

The most reliable way to recover lost data from corrupted MBR is by taking the reliable data recovery program. Wondershare Data Recovery can help you to recover any lost data from corrupted storage device or foramtted devices. It supports to recover data from unbootable system with create WinPE bootable drive.

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Free download and install Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer, launch it and follow the next simple steps to recover lost data from corrupted MBR.

  1. Select the file type you want to recover from MBR, and click "Start" button to next.
  2. recover lost data from corrupted MBR

  3. Select the location when you loss your data, if you are not sure you can select the whole computer to process.
  4. This data recovery will start a quick scan, if it cannot find your data you can go to deep scan, it will scan more files but it will also take more time than quick scan.
  5. deep scan recovery

  6. After deep scan finished, you can preview the recovered files and click "Recover" button to save.
  7. corrupted data recovery

More about corrupted MBR

By taking the assistance of Wondershare Data Recovery you would be able to recover lost data from corrupted MBR pretty easily. Though, you can also try this method to get some assistance:

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