How to Recover Files from Broken Computer

A broke computer doesn’t always imply a hardware-damaged system. There are times when a malfunctioning system is also termed as a “broken computer”. No matter what caused your system to crash, it can lead to the inaccessibility of data. If you wish to keep your important files safe, then take the assistance of a dedicated tool. This will let you recover files from broken computer without much trouble. Don’t look anywhere else, as we have come up with a stepwise tutorial to recover files from broken computer.

Part 1: What could have caused a broken computer

Your computer can malfunction due to different reasons. Ideally, all the related issues can be of these two categories:

Hardware-related issue: A broken computer is often the result of a hardware-related problem. If the power supply is not constant or a lot of dust has been accumulated on your system, then it can also cause some issue. Also, if the motherboard or any important circuit is broken, then it can be classified as a hardware issue.

hardware issue

Software-related issue: Most of the times when a Windows PC is not working despite of all the properly connected hardware, then the causes are related to its software. From a malware attack on the system to a conflict in its booting, there could be plenty of reasons for this. Some change in Windows registry, inaccessible bootloader, corrupt memory, etc. could be some other reasons for a system to be broken.

corrupted windows

No matter what caused your system to malfunction, the good news is that you can recover files from broken computer. We have discussed it in the next section.

Part 2: How to Recover File from Broken Computer

When a Windows system is broken and unable to boot the usual way. This will cause their important files lost or deleted. You will need a data recovery pro program to help you retrieve your data back before you fix the broken computer, you need to access to the computer syatem with a recovery tool. Wondershare Data Recovery Pro supports to create a bootable drive to help you access to the broken computer and recover your files back.

data recovery

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Download and install Wondershare Data Recovery Pro on w workable computer and connect a blank USB drive or CD/DVD to it. Launch it and start to create bootable media.

1. How to create a bootable media

  1. Click "Create Bootable Drive" on the right top menu, and click "Start" button on the pop up Window.
  2. create bootable drive

  3. Select the one of bootable options and click the "Create" button. Click "Format now" button to confirm.
  4. create usb bootable drive

  5. It will take for a while to complete the process of creating bootable drive.
  6. create bootable media

After created bootable drive, you will need to set the broken computer to boot from USB drive. Retart your computer ans entry the BIOS with the function key F12, but other system meybe have a different key like: F2, F10, F11, F12, DEL or any other key as well. You can check out this page get more detail about how to set the computer to boot from USB drive.

2. How to recover files from broken computer

After all set up, you can restart your computer and start to recover files from broken computer. With Wondershare Data Recovery Pro you can copy the data from hard disk or recover data.

recover files from broken computer

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