Wondershare Data Recovery

Your Safe & Complete SD Card Data Recovery

A professional SD card recovery software that helps to restore all kinds of lost files from your SD card

The perfect SD Data Recovery tool for Windows and Mac OS

Wondershare SD Data recovery is professional tool that fully recovers videos, images, audios, archives and documents from any kind of Secured Digital cards (SD). It scans the lost files from your SD card offering you a chance to preview the lost files and then recover them. It would be your perfect choice of restoring lost files under both Windows and Mac OS.

  • File Types
  • Supported Devices



VideoAVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.


Message & EmailsPST, DBX, EMLX, etc.

ArchiveZIP, RAR, SIT, etc.

How It Works:

  • 1 Select file types you want to recover

  • 2 Select your SD Card to Start Scanning
  • 3 Preview and recover the lost files

WHAT SCENARIOS You Lost Your Data on SD Card

• Improper Handling

The way you handle SD cards is very vital. If you remove SD card unsafely from your device leads to great data loss. When you pull out your SD card from your camera you will lose your photos and videos. The files will be corrupted or erased.

• Accidental formatting

Although formatting your SD card could be necessary, you might lose data on your files. At times you could accidentally format your SD cards and you end up loosing all your important documents and emails.

• Virus infection

Once virus get into your SD card, it will spread across all your SD card and corrupts all your files. The files can also be erased and you need to look out for SD data recovery software to recover your precious files.

• Multi tasking

Using a single SD card over different devices such as phone, cameras and others can damage your files. Other devices can be corrupt and can spread across your files. You could be connecting your SD card to unsecure system that will damage your files.

• Unintentional Deletion

Human is to error and a times you can accidentally delete files on your SD card. Deletion could also be intentional and you later realise that you want to retain your precious files. In some cases your friend or child could accidentally delete all your files on your device.

How to avoid data loss on SD cards

• SD data recovery can be hectic when you have lost all your valuable data. It gets even worse when you have no idea on how to recover the missing files. To avoid such a scenario you need to know how to protect your SD cards to avoid data loss. Here are a few tips.

  • Protect you SD card from damage.
  • Ensure that you do not expose your SD card to any form of damage. Physical damage severe since your SD card can be broken and you cannot access your files anymore. 

  • Do not expose to extreme temperatures
  • Extreme coldness or hotness can damage the configuration of your SD card thus loosing your files. Always ensure that you keep your SD card well. Do not spill water or any hot drink on it this could dearly cost you.

  • Backup your data
  • Whenever you store data on your SD card remember to do a backup of those files. This will ease the work of looking for a data recovery tool or finally loosing important files. Always update a back up of yours at any given point.

  • Install antivirus
  • They are many types of antivirus mushrooming in the market that you can use to protect your files from any malware.  When you are on Internet avoid click links that unidentified links. Also do not insert your SD card on any gadget, virus could infect it and thus it will affect your SD card.

Knowledge Base for SD Card

Secure Digital cards are mobile data storage devices that have gained popularity and can be used with digital cameras, phones. This non-volatile card provides a high capacity storage for mobile devices. There are very useful when you want to backup data, transfer files or even when you want to copy files from one device to another. They come in different qualities and transfer speed depending on the production company. Their storage capacity ranges from 1GB to even 64 GB.

Tips on how to handle SD cards

  • Always eject the SD card safely
  • Do not remove the SD card when it is transferring files
  • Always store your SD card well
  • Buy quality SD cards
  • Format and partition SD card before using it

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