Top 5 Best Choices For Sata Hard Drive

Computers – have ruled the entire world for over several years now. Their usefulness cannot be denied hence it is a common sight to see these things in most offices, buildings and even homes. What make computers highly effective is the parts that create them, particularly memory storage devices.

Be it external or be it a part of the actual unit, hard drives (components for storing data), is an essential part of each unit. It might even be safe to say that creating computer units and devices would be useless without something that can be called hard drives.

Over the years, new features and functions were added, designs were changed and various improvements injected in the same component which resulted to newly improved hard drives. Aside from that, you also get to choose among the various options present. Apparently, advanced functioning drives are no longer limited to one option alone.

Top 5 SATA Drive Options

When choosing drives to purchase, there must be awareness of the options present. SATA hard drive is just of the many forms that can be chosen from. It is imperative to take note of the form it has. Standard sizes are usually available for different units. For example, desktop computers usually require 3.5 inch drives while most laptops make use of 2.5 SATA hard drive.

The sizes vary a lot. But when choosing, one should be aware of the specifics necessary to ensure it would fit and not cause any issues. When in doubt about the current specifications, always try to find out what specifications it entails or it would become a problem for the unit.

Western Digital Caviar Black

A Western Digital Company product that is currently holds the top spot as one of the best hard drives available. Standard size for it is 3.5 inches. Dual processors and faster read and write speed. The device also has the signature StableTrac that helps reduce vibration and guarantees consistency in performance. The memory capacity available ranges from 500GB to 4 TB. NoTouch features are also available that enables longevity on disk media. Dynamic cache has the capacity of 64 MB.

sata hard drive

Considered as a golden drive by many experts, those who are in need of recommendations could consider this option. Performance and capacity is already assured and there is even room to choose from.

Price: $80 (1TB)

Western Digital Blue

Manufactured by the same company and second in line to Black Caviar, Blue could provide the same level of performance as the previous model shown except for several limited capacities. It also costs much less compared to the one mentioned above. For people dreaming of using Windows-based RAID, this is the perfect drive to use. Most of the specs are the same as Black except for the warranty which only lasts for 2 years whereas Black has 5 years.

sata hard drive top 2

What most users and consumers like about this option is its affordability. There is a proper balance between its performance and quality as well as cost efficiency which many practical individuals would want to experience and have.

Price: $44.99 (1TB)

Seagate Barracuda 7200.14

Manufactured by Seagate and is one of their leading hard drive products. It comes in a variety of sizes, all with the same capacities. But the main reason why this brand made it to the top is because of their 3TB 7200.14 that is the latest model. It has dual core LSI controller and reaches up to 7200 RPM.

sata hard drive top 3

Flexibility"”is one thing that you might associate with Barracuda. People who are looking for the performance alone could settle for 1 TB SATA hard drive. But those aiming for storage capacity should try the new models (3TB). And it is also guaranteed that you can get the right value for your money.

Price: $84.99

HGST Deskstar

Manufactured and improved by Western Digital and was previously known as IBM Deskstar. When Hitachi purchased the brand around 2003, the line was already failing. The best solution for it was to sell it to Western Digital and it became a less costly alternative for WD Blue. The capacity it has ranges from 1 TB to 4 TB. And offers warranty coverage of 3 years.

sata hard drive top 4

Anyone who is thinking that they still cannot afford WD Blue could not have a new alternative of almost the same caliber. What makes it different and sets it apart from others is the eco friendly materials and designs making you less nature guilty about using it fully.

Price: $89.95

Toshiba DT01ACA300

Toshiba was the company who spearheaded and trademarked a lot of breakthroughs when it comes to electronics and other things related to the field. Although they do not have much presence on the hard drive market, they managed to introduce one for their line and excelled at it. This particular piece of merchandise is their newest from the line. It boasts various features that can be at par with the other options stated above. And one can enjoy two years of warranty coverage from it.

sata hard drive top 5

The same as the company that created it, one can expect durability and consistency from it. There is a well rounded balance between everything necessary and required for every HD for units.

Price: $89.99

What is a SATA Hard Drive?

Options are always necessary when it comes to the commodities being sold these days. This is one type that is derived from a previous line of hard drives. The flexibility it has, makes it a must-have for many. SATA hard drive is considered the faster serial version that offers better security and considered to be the current standard when it comes to SSD or connecting a particular hard drive. It stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.

One thing to take note of this is the difference in design and materials used to ensure that the data processing would not be hard. Read and write processes are much faster because it is highly advanced. SATA also comes in different versions and variations.

Options For SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

Damages to other parts of the computer will come and issues are bound to arise. The first concern would be how the memory and other processes as well as programs could be protected from these damages.

This is what enclosures are for. It helps in providing protection and in salvaging whatever data and fully functioning components were left from previous models. You could easily make it into an external type of drive for easier access.

TOP Sata Hard Drive Enclosure Options

Zalman ZM-VE200

Manufacturer: Zalman Tech. Co.
Top of the line and highly flexible. When installing new OS, there is no need to install a compatible software. Connecting to the right ports would do the trick. With just a switch, toggling information from the physical to the optical drive would be easier. The LCD screen present is necessary to provide ease of access through already saved and/or installed files and data. Comes in two colors (silver and black). Weight: 3.5 ounces; Dimensions 5x3x0.5.

sata hard drive Zalman Tech. Co

The user would feel convenience right after choosing to utilize this. Because it can easily connect to universal ports and the switches are handy, data transfers are easier. There will be no difficulty in using it as well.

Price: $34.99

Rosewill RX-358

Manufacturer: Newegg
Standard 3.5 inch that is made of aluminum which makes it highly durable. One enclosure that could work with any type of OS. Transfer rate and data processing is faster with the speedf ofup to 3.0 GBPs when utilizing eSATA and 480MBPs for using the universal port. Dimensions 7.5×4.9×1.5.

sata hard drive Rosewill RX-358

What makes it a good choice for many is its flexibility when it comes to operating systems and the difference in requirement for each of the systems.


Patriot Memory Gauntlet Node PCGTW25S

Manufacturer: Patriot Memory
Many of the devices these days are not connected to wires to make them more portable. But this might also make transferring files harder. The good thing is that Gauntlet could wirelessly connect to various devices allowing free transfers and better access to different sources. Dimensions: 5.5×3.4x.96.

sata hard drive Patriot Memory

It has the capacity to last longer than 5 hours when used without the power connector. This is the leading option when it comes to providing wireless devices and memory storage options. You can make transferring much easier and have more access to devices as well particularly since these devices are now created for this particular purpose.

Price: $39.99

Vantec NexStar TX

Manufacturer: Vantec
It has been known as one of the most durable enclosure available because of materials utilized for it. NexStar was also created with a cooling system that helps in its performance and reduces the vibration. Dimensions: 5x3x.5

sata hard drive Vantec NexStar TX

This might be pretty exclusive for Mac and Windows users. But you will not have problem using it for ports since its normal speed could be compared to when using eSATA for transfers as well.

Price: $8.99

Thermal Take BlacX Docking Station

Manufacturer: Thermal Take USA
Out of all the options, this is the o ne utilizing the plug and play features. The speed it has when transferring data is 5.0 GBPs and this can be done through USB ports. The highest capacity available would be 4 TB and is highly suitable for Windows and devices operating on Mac. Dimension: 2.5×3.5.

sata hard drive Thermal Take USA

Compact and can be easily taken anywhere at any time. Has exhaust features which easily helps it maintain the right temperature when used. This promotes stability and consistency during the transfer process, if you ever decide to do so.

Price: $24.99

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