How to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card

Samsung SD Cards are among the best and most popular variants in the market at present. These are durable memory cards with a fast read/write speed, which makes them the ideal choice for a number of situations. However- that does not mean that these SD cards are immune to all types of problems. One of the most common problems that any memory storage device, no matter how robust and feature rich it may be, does go through at least once is data loss. Data loss does not just happen due to a fault in the SD card, it can happen due to a number of reasons, such as:

These are just a few common scenarios that take place with people. When something like this happens, there is no need to panic- for as you read ahead, you will realize that Samsung SD Card Recovery is now the simplest and most effective thing you can do. All you need for that is the right software to recover data from Samsung SD Card. SD card repair is easy with the right tool.

The Best Samsung SD Card Recovery Software

So now you have lost your data. Your SD card does not the files that you want- and the next step is to perform Samsung SD Card Recovery. But what should you use for doing this? This is where Wondershare Data Recovery comes in- one of the most trusted software to recover data from Samsung SD Card.

Before we move ahead and see how you can use Wondershare Data Recovery, let us see some key features that make it the most trusted software for Samsung SD Card Recovery:

data recovery

Your Safe & Reliable Samsung SD Card Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
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How to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card

Download and install Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer. With this Samsung SD card recovery software and follow the next simple steps to start recovering data from SD card.

Step 1 Choosing the file type(s) that are to be recovered

Select the type of files that you want to recover such as Photo/Graphic, Video, Audio and many others. In case you want to recover more than just one type or any other file types, then go with 'All File Types' to start.

Samsung SD card recovery

Step 2 Select the location

Select the location where the files lost from. You can select your Samsung SD card on the section "External removable device" to scanning lost data.

recover data from Samsung SD card

Step 3 Deep Scan Recovery

If quick scan can't find your files, you can go to deep scan. It will takes more time, but recovers the entire folder structure as well. It is ideal if you want to recover files from a formatted SD card.

Samsung SD card recovery step 5

Step 4 Selecting and recovering

After the scanning completes, you will be shown a list of all the files recovered from Samsung SD card. You can filter through these results, as shown in the example, and search to find the particular files that you need. Once the selection is made, click on "Recover" button to get back those files and you are done!

Samsung SD card recovery step 6

Thus, you now know the simplest and most effective way to recover data from Samsung SD Card. All you need to ensure is that you save the recovered files in a location other than the SD card to prevent overwriting of memory. With these simple things taken care of, you will be able to perform Samsung SD Card Recovery without any hassles at all!

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