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2017-04-16 20:29:08
Message by Laela haerani

Whatsapp history

2017-03-26 07:17:08
Wondershare Data Recovery Software by M. Gloria Pepe

This product is a Godsend! Somehow a program popped up and began deleting files in my digital video library that I had stored on an external drive. I managed to stop the process before it destroyed all of my files, but I was devastated. This library has taken me many hours to produce. The files did not go to my hard drives Recycle Bin so couldn't recover them there. Immediately I reached out to the internet to find out if it was possible to recover the files and came across Wondershare's Data Recovery. I have a few other Wondershare programs that I am very pleased with so took a chance with their Data Recovery. The program worked beautifully and I recovered all my lost files. Thank you so much Wondershare. Keep up the good work. Love ya!

2017-03-05 12:01:37
undefined Review by falah

very good

2017-02-22 19:22:51
Finally ! by gregory moran

I was having all sorts of trouble registering,till somebody mentioned that "Data Recovery" and "Photograph recovery" were two different animals.Yes,it works well,but,going back 10 years is a bit of an ask for any software.Worth a try anyway.

2017-02-13 07:33:22
Superb by Sonu maria

Wow.. thankyou... you guys just great... 100% safe...

2017-02-07 03:07:39
You saved my professional reputation by Nancy Summers

I was hired to shoot photos of guests who paid $$ to see David Ellefson from Megadeth at a meet and greet. After viewing over 300 photos, my Transcend SD card failed. I had an inconsolable panic attack then went to the source of all answers, google, and found your software. I immediately paid for it and put it to work. It found my files in an hour and ran for another five hours to restore all the photos. You saved many fans from heartache and me from professional embarrassment. Your stuff really works.Thank you x 1,000,000.

2016-12-28 19:14:55
so good software by li lv

the product is very easy and very throng,

2016-12-23 04:40:08
wondershare data recovery by harry mcneill

great and very easy to use

2016-11-14 03:23:12
Fantastic by Kim Emmanuel

An excellent program to recover deleted files. I believe it is the best on the market.

2016-11-09 00:33:36
Definite Quality Software by Peter Fairlie

After using the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software, based on the excellence, I also purchased Wondershare Data Recovery. I am so impressed with how well it works, absolutely better than any other recovery software that I have used, and I have used a couple of expensive, supposedly top quality products. Additionally, your product is more reasonably priced, particularly with the discount you gave me after purchasing the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software. The big plus for your recovery software is that it recovered the files in exactly the same format, paths, folders, and quality, that was on the drive originally. Other software claims to have this ability, but all you end up with is a total mess of files, quite often with corrupted quality, with no resemblance to the original structure. Did I say I was impressed :), definite quality software, thank you.

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