Data Recovery Product Reviews

2014-07-30 12:47:12
wondershare data recovery by zubair

wondershare is a good recovery software

2014-07-26 15:47:01
sorprendente by danny torres

i have never seen the software better than this one. very exiting. thanks for your uploading!!

2014-07-21 02:36:35
WOW. Didn''t even know this was possible! by Laura

OK so as it turns out I was just paranoid, I did not actually delete any important photos I didn''t already have backed up from my SD card, but... WOW. I had no idea you could actually recover any of your deleted files. At least... not this easily! And this is really good to know that files are not actually permanently deleted because I shudder to think of what could happen if someone found a "blank" disk of mine... it might as well have all my photos on it, with this software available. I am an amateur photographer and do occasional boudoir pics for friends, so I will be sure to do some kind of double delete in the future, if I have private files (need to google how to do that). While i didn''t actually need to do a recovery after all, I am totally bookmarking this page so that if I need to do so in the future, this will be my first reference. And I will be sure to recommend it to others. You guys are awesome, thanks so much! Btw I previously tried to download software from some other site and it was a complete waste of 15 minutes, the files couldn''t actually open, that other one was frustrating but YOURS was smooth as silk!!! THANK YOU! You guys are awesome.

2014-07-17 00:42:47
so amazing!!! by david sin

i have never seen the software better than this one. very exiting. thanks for your uploading!!

2014-07-12 20:52:09
Wondershare by yerson

this is very good

2014-07-12 01:31:59
Good by Sunny

So amazing!!

2014-07-10 09:31:09
amazing product by garima

This product realllly works! Its great!

2014-07-08 09:39:36
Best product ever by Brandon

This helps me find a lot of old pictures and file best product

2014-07-08 01:08:21
love this product by jess

great way to recover photos accidentally deleted!

2014-06-18 07:53:12
Wondershare Data Recovery by prem

Such as very powerful software

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