Data Recovery Product Reviews

2014-08-25 14:14:28
WONDER-FUL-Dr Fone by Joanna

This product and software is simple to use and so far has provided me with everything it promised to!

2014-08-23 20:32:01
Perfect by Jarrett Jacobsen

It gets the files recently deleted back and in perfect resolution

2014-08-19 05:25:30
About This software by Piyu Upadhyay

i like this software very much...awesome software :(

2014-08-12 08:48:00
It does the work. Amazing by Hyun Mo Kim

My external drive could not be accessed because the files were missing or corrupted. It was a disaster since all the photos and videos I took during the last month were there....I ran Wondershare hoping it would work. It took more than 12 hours to recover the 880 GB of data but it did recover them. Truly an amazing software. Data recovery service companies ask several hundred dollars to do the the same work. Thank you Wondershare.

2014-08-11 04:44:07
Wondershare Dr Fone for IOS by Naina

Wondershare has worked wonders and helped recover all the lost data frm the iphone. its a superb software

2014-08-09 10:19:33
Powerful program by Pearl

Very useful if you are a dingus like me who accidentally deleted all of her cute texts from her boyfriend.

2014-08-07 22:51:55
i love wondershare by matthew

all there products seem to be very well built and i always look forward to what they think of next

2014-08-04 07:26:13
GREAT by michelle

awsome really works

2014-08-01 15:41:36
best app to recover data by saad

absolutely love it and recommend it for everyone .this is the best app ever created for recovering data

2014-07-31 10:53:40
Wonderful, really by Drugo

Don''t trust similar free softwares. This is one of the best utility I''ve ever used. Features: -Complete: finds up ALL missed media; -Secure: recovery is perfect, no damaged or missing files; -Fast: search in ten minutes, recovery of 35 GB (photo, video, audio) in 38 minutes. Words are pointless, just thank you for this awesome software.

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