Data Recovery Product Reviews

2016-07-09 09:06:43
my what app message recover by shah manish

my what app message recover

2016-07-08 00:54:40
Best software for recovering photos, videos and audio files from storage devices by Matthew Trompf

I bought this so I could recover photos, videos and audio files from storage devices

2016-07-08 00:48:59
Best Data Recovery on the market by Matthew Trompf

I bought this so I could retrieve files, which have been deleted from the trash or from a format

2016-07-01 01:44:21
Thank You by Hollie Tudor

I thought there would be no chance of retrieving lost pictures and this was my last option as I've never used anything like this before, but this should of been my first option. Easy to use and clear layout; cannot be thankful enough for getting my pictures back.

2016-04-24 20:30:10
Awesome! by Vivaew90234

I almost cry when I lost my data! Thanks, Wondershare!

2016-04-24 18:54:56
Great tool! by Mola234

It''s so helpful!

2016-04-16 06:01:20
Wondershare can recover lost documents. by Winston Moctar

Recovered all of what was some point.

2016-04-11 06:09:08
Lost USB drive by jimmy

A not-so-old USB (a Verbatim, "Store ''n'' Go", 4GB) is something I used frequently between my desktop pc and other laptops i carry to school. While none of the data files were not backed-up, the scanning and listing of what was on this nearly full drive by Wondershare Data Recovery (WDR) was very quick to resolve and came up with comprehensive listings of all the files. Since several files were deemed ''bad'' by the WDR listing, i elected to format the USB after I had copied the listings, so that I can recreate them again a bit later on. The WDR software is very easy to install, use, and analyze an otherwise lost (crashed) USB drive. Wonderful, I would consider buying the full-programme,,,just-in-case. WDR lives up to its name, and quickly, accurately.

2016-03-31 05:14:22
Recovery Magic by Andrew Enever

Recovered all my data that I spent 6 months creating. Worth every cent and more. The best ever 100% satisfied.

2016-03-25 14:14:10
Wonderful!!! by Isabelle

I had my external hard drive for 7 years. I saved photos, resume and documents that I did in school in the hard drive. I wanted to retrieve them because they are so important to me but everyone I asked to help me they told me it would cost me $300.00 to retrieve it. I bought a new laptop with windows 10 and it couldn''t open my hard drive because it said it wasn''t accessible. So I got fed up and google a question online and "Wondershare Data Recovery" popped up and it was only $39.95. I was really shocked that it recover all my documents and photos. There were about 10 documents that it couldn''t open because it was corrupted so I didn''t mind because I got the most important things that I needed. Thank you so much.

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Tips & Tricks


Can I recover files deleted a long time ago?

The trial version has all the features of the full version, but your data recovery is capped at 100MB. There are no limits on the full version.

You can proceed with the trial version by clicking on "Free Trial".

There are no such limitations on the full version. When you purchase and register the software, you will unlock it to the full version, which does not have any limitations.

What do I get with the free trial of Wondershare Data Recovery?

Yes, you can recover your deleted data regardless of the time period as long as the original lost data has not been overwritten by new data.