How to Recover Data from Xbox 360 Flash Drives

1Can I Recover Data from My Xbox 360 USB flash drive?

Hello, I have a Xbox 360 and I purchased an HP 4 GB usb flash drive to use with it. This morning I found that my flash drive was no longer recognized by my Xbox 360. When I connected the flash drive with my computer, I got no file in it. Is there any way for me to recover data from my Xbox 360 flash drive? I need my data back urgently. Many thanks.

Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive Recovery

There are many reasons that cause your Xbox flash drive data loss, such as mis-handling, virus attack, system error, etc. And it is absolutely possible to recover data from Xbox 360 flash drive if you follow the right instructions.The first thing you need to care is to stop using your Xbox 360 flash drive, because new data in the flash drive might overwrite the lost data. Then you can come to the Internet to look for a third-party recovery program.

Wondershare Data Recovery, or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is a power tool for you to perform Xbox 360 flash drive recovery with only some simple clicks. By using it, you can easily recover a huge amount of file types from your Xbox 360 flash drive, including music, videos, photos, document files, etc. Currently Wondershare Data Recovery is compatible with both Windows computer and Mac.

You can download the trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery from below and then start the recovery.

23 Steps to Retrieve Lost Data from Xbox 360 Flash Drive

Note: Below instructions are for Windows computer users. If you are a Mac user, please download the Mac version of Wondershare Data Recovery and you can follow the similar steps to process the recovery.

Step 1: Connect your Xbox 360 flash drive with computer and launch Wondershare Data Recovery. Choose to go to "Standard Mode", and then you will see an interface shows like image below. Here you will be offered with 3 recovery modes. To retrieve lost data from flash drive, let’s try “Lost File Recovery”.

Note: Please ensure that your Xbox 360 flash drive can be recognized as a hard drive on your computer.

xbox 360 flash drive recovery

Step 2: In this step, you need to select the hard drive for your Xbox 360 flash drive and click “Start” to scan the flash drive.

Note: You can also select ”Enable Deep Scan” for a deeper scanning, but only normal scan will displays the original name of the found file.

xbox 360 flash drive recovery

Step 3: After the scanning, all found data will be displayed in categories or file paths. You can check whether they are what you are going to recover or not by file names. Plus, you can also preview the found image files.

In the end, you just need to select files you need and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

Note: Please do not keep the restored files back to the flash drive after the recovery, because it might cause the recovery failure.

xbox 360 flash drive recovery

3 Video tutorial of How to Recover Data from Xbox 360 Flash Drives

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