DIY Upgrading and Replacing Tips on PS4 Hard Drive

Entertainment comes in many forms these days. Usually, it depends on the person and what their preferences would be. But entertainment these days have also become synonymous to making sure that one has access to the most advanced types of devices present, especially those that are made to mainly provide pure entertainment and fun!

Among the many options for such devices PS4 is currently in the lead. Play Station 4 (PS4) is the latest in the line and is a video and gaming console for virtual and digital as well as screen interactive games. It functions much like a computer but when it comes to purchasing a PS4 you would only be purchasing the console and controls. Its capacity to house hundreds of games and videos depend on the capacity of the PS4 hard drive that it has.

For several years, the form of entertainment it could provide has given way to a different type of entertainment. And despite its more advanced features, adults seem to have no problem utilizing it while bonding with younger ones.

Top Three Picks For PS4 Hard Drive

There will come a time when the drive could not provide the needed performance from it. Despite not being used physically, it will wear down and eventually slows down in processes. For this reason, the person utilizing it at the moment would have difficulties playing and even pulling up the proper graphics. Replacing or choosing to upgrade a PS4 hard drive would be a good option for anyone.

Before getting down to replacing the PS4 hard drive with a newer one, it would be best to have knowledge regarding the best choices for it.

Seagate Momentus

Everything Seagate is noteworthy. They headline a lot of things but they are well known for their hard drives that not only delivers but could also be cost efficient to some degree. Boasts with Seagate SmartAlign technology and coupled with the speed of 7200 RPM. Dimensions 4 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches ; 4 ounces.

upgrade ps4 hard drive

Issues for computer systems and playstation systems cannot be avoided particularly if it is already outdated and no longer in the latest versions. Those aiming for fast processes and transfer rates can rely on this brand and option for their needs.

Another notable feature it has is the cost efficiency which not many could experience given the cost of other more known brands out there.

Price: $ 66.90

Samsung 840

Manufactured by one of the most famous brands in terms of electronics– Samsung 840 is one hard drive that must be considered. The product lives up to the reputation of its brand as not only its performance is noteworthy. One can expect that the design could provide more benefits. The compactness that it has allows more mobility and more stability.

The metal allows protection for the parts that holds the data inside. Because of this, it is guaranteed protected and secured as well as dust and corrosion free.

how to upgrade ps4 hard drive

What makes it highly flexible and reliable is the fact that it could easily recharge and can be used for longer amounts of time. Highly reliable and dependable with a more consistent performance which never falters. Its lightweight features allow better functions for the entire console.

Price: $287.59

Western Digital Scorpio Blue

Western Digital is known for a lot of things. But it is highly famous for the hard drives they create. Be it drives for computers and other units or for game consoles such as PS4. It has long been established that the company and their products are always top notch and could constantly offer the performance necessary.

It suits well with any OS and has the operating speed of 5400 RPM.

tips to upgrade ps4 hard drive

One noticeable advantage that it provides is that it allows easy installation. Not every individual is well versed when it comes to specific of processes. But with a few instructions, one can easily have it installed and utilized. The performance is as expected.

Price: $68

How Big Is The PS4 Hard Drive?

The built in PS4 standard hard drive has the size of 500 GB. But you could only utilize 407 of it as the remaining 93 GB is allotted for the operating system and other systems needed for the entire device to function well.

The need for PS4 hard drive upgrade or replacement

Hardcore gamers have their own struggles. As you go on using the device, you will notice the constant growing number of games and videos you have downloaded and/or installed. And whether you like it or not, everything cannot just be accommodated in your current hard drive.

You have two options for this– upgrade or replace your current HDD.

Once you have decided what you want to choose for the replacement process, the older one you have can be used simply as an external drive which can also function the same as any external drive present.

Several things must be remembered for this particular process. You will need several other materials aside from your new drive. And you must also check the compatibility of these drives to your devices and the operating systems. If this is not present, it only means that you just have wasted effort in choosing and money for the purchase.

The Steps for PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement

Voila! All done!

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