How to Recover Pictures from Photo Booth

How can I Recover Deleted Pictures from Photo Booth?

I accidently deleted my pictures from Photo Booth. I've checked my Finder and Photo Booth album but I found no pictures. They were all empty. I've looked in the trash and no picture was inside too. Please tell me how I can retrieve them!!!!

Intentional or accidental deletion of Photo Booth pictures can be a painful experience, especially when the pictures are valuable and you can’t even see them in your Mac trash. What’s the best solution then? Normally you will be able to restore the deleted pictures from Photo Booth album or from Trash. But if two solutions are useless, a third-party Mac Photo Booth picture recovery application will help you a lot to recover deleted pictures from Photo Booth.

How to Recover Pictures from Photo Booth

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is such a program that enables you to recover pictures from Photo Booth in a safe and easy-to-use way. Its user-friendly interface turns the complicated data recovery progress into some simple clicks. No matter your Photo Booth pictures were lost due to deletion, formatting, corruption or system error, you can always use this program to retrieve them.

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Do not launch the program on the same partition of your Photo Booth and Photo Booth album.

  1. Select the file type you want to recover
  2. To recover deleted or lost photos, you can select the option "Photo" to start.

    recover pictures from photo booth

  3. Scan Partition of your Photo Booth and Photo Booth album to look for deleted pictures.
  4. Select the right partition/volume and click "Start" to start scanning lost files

    recover deleted pictures from photo booth

    Note: If your Photo Booth pictures were lost due to formatting, you can go to deep scan after quick scan.

    deep scan recovery

  5. Preview and recover pictures from Photo Booth
  6. All found images will be showed in folders after scanning. You just need to select your Photo Booth album folder or other folders to preview them and check whether your lost images can be recovered or not.

    mac photo booth picture recovery

    After selecting pictures you are going to recover, you just need to click "Recover" to save them on your Mac.

Note: Please do not save the recovered photos back to your Photo Booth album during the recovery.

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