PhotoRec Alternatives Software for Windows

If you accidentally delete off photos from your computer, recovering them can prove to be a hassle. You need a good photo recovery software program that is capable of reading the deleted data and recovering it on your hard drive, without causing further damage or overwriting any present data. For Windows, there are numerous different programs that currently provide data recovery functionality, and the best among them are mentioned below:


A great PhotoRec alternative, Recuva has earned praise for being a light weight photo recovery software. Recuva is capable of recovering whole partitions, as well as certain file formats depending upon your specification. The program is available on a free, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Here are some key features:

- Preview files before you recover them.
- In- depth or quick scan options available.
- Select from various different file formats to recover.
- The interface is extremely easy to use, with proper descriptions for each action.

photorec alternative for windows: Recuva

1. Free data recovery program
2. Previews files for easy check and recovery
3. Data recovered within minutes

1. Scanning can take quite a while
2. Can crash and result in loss of data

Wondershare Photo Recovery

Wondershare Photo Recovery is a great photo recovery software that is compatible with Windows 8 as well. This is a great PhotoRec substitute for people who need a simple program that comes with a guide user interface. Whereas PhotoRec works primarily through a terminal, Wondershare Photo Recovery requires you to first install the program and then use it via its own interface, which is extremely responsive and easy to use. Here are some key features:

- It can recover music and video files as well.
- Since it is a paid program, customer support is very good.
- Is also compatible with Mac OS X.
- Doesn't eat up on computer resources.
- Shows picture's thumbnails and allows you to select accordingly before retrieving files.

photorec alternative for windows: Photo Recovery

1. All types of photos can be recovered
2. Allows you to preview files
3. Can also recover data from external storage

1. Only recovers photos, videos and audio

3981454 people have downloaded it

Wondershare Data Recovery

The Wondershare Data Recovery program is a very nice PhotoRec replacement for those who do not wish to fiddle with a terminal on their computer. It has a pretty easy to use interface and comes with a detailed Help menu. You don't need to be skilled at data recovery to operate this photo recovery software. Here are the best features of Wondershare Data Recovery:

- Is capable of recovering more than 550 file formats.
- Trial version allows you to recover 100 MB of data.
- Since it uses read only methods, the risk involved is minimal.
- Has 4 different recovery modes.
- Compatible with Windows 8.

photorec alternative for windows: Data Recovery

1. Works with a variety of different formats
2. Extremely easy to install
3. Can recover data in minutes

1. NONE! Does its job effectively

3981454 people have downloaded it

Dr.fone for ios

The Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS(iPhone Data Recovery) provides the PhotoRec substitute, allowing users to recover files such as videos, photos, contacts, messages, and more, from their iDevice. Here are some top features:

- Compatible with all latest iDevices upwards of the iPhone 3GS.
- Data backup is very fast.
- Recover 14 types of deleted data without even an iTunes backup.

photorec alternative for windows: dr.fone for ios

1. Recovers deleted iPhone data in minutes
2. Can extract backups as well

1. Only works for iOS devices.

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