Ways to Recover Deleted Pictures from BlackBerry Cell Phone

Photos may be lost from your BlackBerry due to:

photo recovery from blackberry smartphones

• Accidentally delete all the photos instead of some not so nice ones, and can't find them any more in BlackBerry phone.
• When you connect your BlackBerry to the computer, mistakenly deleted your important photos, even emptied them from the Recycle Bin or Trash.
• The BlackBerry memory card/stick gets corrupted, and photos become inaccessible.
• During the photo transfer from your BlackBerry to the PC, some of the photos are not delivered and can not be found either in BlackBerry phone or the computer.

How to recover deleted photos from your BlackBerry cell phone

There are many unpredictable cases that may cause you to lose photos from BlackBerry cell phones, such as deletion and card formatting. When this happens, you may wonder if there is any chance to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry, or any BlackBerry photo recovery tool that can be helpful?

The most effective and efficient way to recover lost photos from BlackBerry cell phone is using third party photo recovery software: Wondershare Photo Recovery or Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac, which is an easy-to-use and effective recovery program. You can use it to completely recover deleted photos, video and audio files from BlackBerry cell phones. It also lets you recover data from computer, hard drive, external storage devices such as a memory card, digital cameras, USB drive, iPod, etc. You can have a try with the trial version first. This trial version is free and provides you with a preview.

Select the right version to download and install on your computer.

3 Steps to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry

Step 1 Run the program and connect your BlackBerry phone

Connect your BlackBerry phone or only the memory card to the computer, and then run the program. When your phone is detected, you'll see the window as follows. Choose the one for your phone and select "Scan" to find deleted data on it.

blackberry photo recovery

Note: If you only want to find photos, you can refine the scan by using "Filter Options". Click on it and choose "Image". The program will then find all lost photos on your BlackBerry phone by scanning it.

recover deleted photos from blackberry

Step 2 Preview and recover deleted photos from the BlackBerry phone

After the scan, you can preview the photos listed in the scanning results to check whether your precious pictures have been found. Select the photos that you wish to recover.

blackberry photo recovery

Step 3 Recover BlackBerry photos on your computer

When you've found and indicated all items that you want from the scan result, you can save them on your computer by clicking on the "Recover" button. Do remember not to save them on your Blackberry phone. Just get them on your computer or other media storage, to prevent data on your BlackBerry from being changed.

recover pictures from blackberry

Tips: In order to increase the chances of recovering deleted photos from BlackBerry phone memory card, it is strongly recommended not to save any more files when you notice that your photos were deleted.

Video tutorial of BlackBerry cell phone photo recovery

Why deleted photos on a BlackBerry can be recovered

The memory card or stick in a BlackBerry is just like an external hard drive. When photos stored on it are accidentally deleted, they won't go to the Recycle Bin or Trash, but that doesn't mean that those photos are deleted forever. No matter if the photos are deleted from BlackBerry phone card or computer Recycle Bin or Trash, all photos can be recovered, provided that they are overwrtitten. The deleted photos are still intact somewhere in the BlackBerry cell phone card or computer hard disk, if transferred. The system only marks those photos as deleted, but the real data are safe, just inaccessible. As a result, once you noticed that your photos are deleted from BlackBerry phone memory card, stop putting more files into the card ASAP.

Tips: If you also want to recover documents more than videos, photos and audio files, such as Office documents, PDF, Archives, Emails, etc. from computer or other devices, you can choose the advanced version of it: Wondershare Data Recovery or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac, which does more than Photo Recovery.

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