How to troubleshoot errors when you save Excel workbooks

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet designed by Microsoft. Available on many operating systems which include Windows, macOS, iOS and Android and offers powerful tools like graphic, calculation, pivot tables and others to perform various tasks.

What kind of error occurs when you save Excel file

When trying to save an Excel file, you can be surprised with all kinds of errors. Luckily there are solutions for all known errors. Let’s review some of the errors and how to fix them.

Before you start troubleshoot Excel error by using classing methods or by using an Excel repair tool, make sure to save your work as best as you can. The following methods may include a computer reboot, which can lead to losing your Excel data. Let’s review some workaround methods to save your Excel File first:

  1. The issue might be caused by the name, so try a different one:
    - At the top left corner of your screen, click on “File” and then click on “save as”
    - Choose a different name
  2. Choose another file type for your Excel workbook:
    - Click on “File”, then “Save As”
    - A new window will open; at the bottom you will see “Save as Type”, in that dropdown choose another version, like .xlsm or .xlsx.
  3. Save your workbook as HTML:
    - Click on “File”, then “Save As”
    - Where it says “Save as Type”, select “Web Page”
    - Save your Excel file

Solution 1: How to Troubleshoot Excel Error

Now that your file is safely saved to your Computer, you can start to troubleshoot excel error. In order to understand how to repair Excel, you must understand what is causing the issue in the first place. There are a few reasons which can cause Excel to malfunction:

  1. One of the reasons can be that the Folder directory doesn’t give you permission to complete this task. You must give a folder the following permissions:
    - Write
    - Read
    - Delete
    - Modify
  2. Another issue that could cause the problem can be from a third-party add-in. These types of little programs help Excel to complete different tasks. Some add-ins, are preloaded when you install MS Excel while others can be installed manually from different sources. Sometimes these add-ins can cause problems and to make sure one of more of them are to blame, you can open Excel in safe mode:
    - First close Excel completely
    - Locate where you have MS Excel
    - Press the “CTRL” key and left click on the MS Excel executable to open it. Hold the control key until you receive the following message “Excel has detected that you are holding down the ctrl key. Do you want to start Excel in safe mode? Click Yes.
    - Now that you are in safe mode, try opening a copy of your workbook and see if you can save it.
  3. If you are able to save it, then it means that one or multiple add-ins, are causing the issue, so you will have to find out which one and delete it. After you find the troublesome add-in, a good advice is to contact the developer of that specific add-in as they might have a fix for the issue.

  4. If the Disk is full, highly unlikely but it can happen. You must clear some space.
  5. An antivirus can interrupt the saving process of your Excel workbook. Most antivirus software temporarily interrupts processes as they scan it, to avoid false reports about the file being infected or not. If you have an active antivirus, try disabling it, only to see if you can save you Excel workbook.
  6. If you are using a shared workbook and another person is trying to save the Excel file the same time as you are. If this is the case, the easiest way is to tell the person to wait or just wait a minute and try again.
  7. If the length of the file name is longer than 218 characters you will receive the error message “Filename is not valid”, you must modify the name in this case.

Solution 2: Repair Excel Wordbooks with Repair Tool

There are error that which these classic methods don’t work. Luckily there is Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair which is basically an Excel repair tool. It can effectively repair corrupt or Excel files that cannot be opened without making any changes to your workbook. Here are a few of the main advantages:

Microsoft Excel Repair Tool
  • Recovers all kind of data stored in damaged excel file such as tables, charts, formulas, comments, images, etc.
  • Restore all of your corrupted excel files to their original standing.
  • Preview the repaired excel file in real-time,see how much of the file has been recovered as it is being repaired.
  • All kind of MS office corruption errors (for XLS and XLSX files only) can be handled with this tool.
  • This excel file repair tool can be used on both windows and Mac platforms in order to repair corrupt excel file.
  • All kind of MS office corruption errors (for XLS and XLSX files only) can be handled with this tool.
  • This excel file repair tool can repair damaged files of all versions from 2000 to 2016 that includes 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc.

Steps to repair Excel file errors:

Step 1 Run the executable file to open Stellar Phoenix repair tool. Then click the “Add file” option to choose your file.

troubleshoot Excel error step 1

Step 2 A window will appear on your screen. At this point, depending if you have a single or multiple files to repair, choose the “Select File” or “Select Folder” option.

troubleshoot Excel error step 2

Step 3 Once you have located your file or folder, in the Excel repair tool, click the “Scan” button.

troubleshoot Excel error step 3

Step 4 After just a few seconds you will have a preview of the repaired Excel file.

troubleshoot Excel error step 4

Step 5 Save the file to local drive.

troubleshoot Excel error step 5

Stellar Phoenix is a powerful Excel repair tool. The simple to use interface and fast processing capability helps its users repair corrupted Excel files fast so that they can continue their work.

A few tips when dealing with a corrupt Excel file:

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