How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File of MS PowerPoint 2013

Part 1: Troubles of a corrupt PowerPoint file

PowerPoint presentations can make or break your business. If you are a salesman building a sales deck, you would work hard to get an absolute professional presentation to draw your client’s attention. If you are an employee presenting a concept to your boss, you would take care to make it impressive to gain that edge in your career.

Whatever be your motive behind making a presentation, the motto is to see it works for you. When your PowerPoint presentation is corrupted, you face a lot of trouble.

The least of your troubles are having to make one more presentation, but anything else is disastrous- like losing your prospective client, or losing out on your promotion.

What to do when trouble strikes?

The first thing to do is understand what might be causing the issues with your presentation. Any of the following reasons could have contributed to the problem:

Whatever be the root cause, it is always better to rely on an office file repair tool to help you out. Not only is this effective, it saves your time and prevents data loss.

Part 2: How to repair corrupt PowerPoint file with Utility

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint repair tool for the process of excel file repair. This is best software in the market to repair damaged PowerPoint files. It supports to recover tables, header and footer, charts, WordArt objects.Facilitates complete repair of corrupt presentation by extracting every piece of recoverable information.

Microsoft PowerPoint Repair Tool
  • Repairs almost all cases of PPT file corruption by following a reliable and risk-free approach to PowerPoint recovery
  • Repairs PowerPoint macro-enabled (.pptm) file and restore all PowerPoint objects with macros attachments
  • Repair and restores any number of PPT/PPTX/PPTM files at the same time
  • Perform a signature-based recovery of PPT files to recover your crucial data
  • Repairs your corrupt PPT file and shows preview of all slides in the presentation before saving it at a user-specified location

Please close all PowrPoint file Windows when you to start repairing process.

Guidance to get your office file repair done

Step 1 Open up the application on your system:

The below screen gives you an idea of how it looks once you open the application on your computer: (pretty simple and neat)

repair MS PowerPoint 2013 step 1

Step 2 Search the file or files needing recovery

Simply choose the file name by clicking the “Select File” button and select the folder

repair MS PowerPoint 2013 step 2

Click “Find Files” and wait for the application to fetch all your files as per search input. These are displayed in the table below with check boxes against each file.

repair MS PowerPoint 2013 step 3

Step 3 Select which files you want to repair

You can easily select one/multiple/all files by simply selecting the appropriate check boxes against each file that is fetched in the search.

repair MS PowerPoint 2013 step 4

Step 4 Preview and save the recovered file

The application displays your file in a preview so that you can see how much and what is recoverable. You may check it and choose to save the file.

repair MS PowerPoint 2013 step 5

If you want to save the file, you may choose the location by entering the path into the text field and click “OK”.

repair MS PowerPoint 2013 step 6

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