How to Repair Excel Error Message Occurred Due to Corruption

MS Excel is one of the most popular software tools developed by software giant Microsoft. Although MS excel is known for its reliability, there are instances when it can malfunction. These malfunctions can result in the corruption of the excel workbook or file that was open at that moment. When such corrupt files are opened again, the user is likely to see an error message telling him that the file can’t be opened. Such error messages can be very annoying for the users. However, there is no need to worry. There are methods available that can be used to fix excel error messages occurred due to corruption.

Part 1: What is the 'Unable to Read File' Error

The Unable to Read File error is an error message created by MS excel when you attempt to open an excel file that has been corrupted somehow. This error message indicates that the software is unable to read the contents of the file and cannot open it because it has been compromised due to corruption. Viewing this error message can be a cause of real concern for a user. There is a chance that the excel file might be too damaged and the data contained in it might not be readable anymore. A number of reasons can be responsible for the corruption of an excel file.

However, there is no need to panic. There are methods available that you can use to repair corrupted excel file. The best one among them is to make use of an excel repair tool. Do remember to choose the best tool for this purpose though or you will not be able to perform the excel file repair in a proper manner.

Part 2: The Best Excel File Repair Tool

There is no shortage of excel file repair tools on the internet. You can find a number of them online. However, none of them are as capable and effective in repairing corrupted excel files as the Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair. It is the best excel repair tool hands down as it provides the most comprehensive list of features to you. You can use this tool to repair corrupted excel file both quickly and effectively. It can be used for excel file repair and can fix all error messages occurred due to corruption with consummate ease.

Microsoft Excel Repair Tool
  • Recovers all kind of data stored in damaged excel file such as tables, charts, formulas, comments, images, etc.
  • Restore all of your corrupted excel files to their original standing.
  • preview the repaired excel file in real-time,see how much of the file has been recovered as it is being repaired.
  • All kind of MS office corruption errors (for XLS and XLSX files only) can be handled with this tool.
  • This excel file repair tool can be used on both windows and Mac platforms in order to repair corrupt excel file.
  • This excel file repair tool can repair damaged files of all versions from 2000 to 2016 that includes 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc.

Part 3: How to Repair Corrupt Excel File Using Excel Repair Software

The Excel Repair feature of the Excel Repair tool can be used for repairing corrupted Excel files. Here is a step-by-step tutorial that will help you make use of this feature.

Step 1 Add File:
Start off by adding the corrupted Excel file that is in need of repair into the Excel Repair software. Simply click on the ‘File’ menu and then click on the ‘Add File’ option.

repair corrupt excel file step 1

Step 2 Search File:
Your second step should be to search the corrupted Excel file on your system. Use the ‘Select File’ option for this purpose. Begin searching for your desired file in the ‘Open’ dialog box and after finding it hit the ‘Scan’ button below.

repair corrupt excel file step 2

Step 3 Preview:
A preview option is available to you for checking the contents of the repaired excel file. You can use it by clicking on the file in the family tree found on the left hand-side of the tool’s main window.

repair corrupt excel file step 3

Step 4 Choose Saving Location:
There are two options available to you for saving your repaired excel file. The first one is ‘Select New Folder’ and the other one is ‘Default Location’. Both of them can be found in the ‘Advanced Option’ dialog box, which appears when you choose the ‘Save’ option in the ‘File’ menu. Make your choice and then hit the ‘OK’ button.

repair corrupt excel file step 4


If you find no luck in fixing the ‘unable to read file’ error message and the data from the corrupted file remains unrecoverable then using the following tips might prove to be useful.

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