How to Perform SmartMedia Recovery

I have a 256MB Toshiba SmartMedia Card. I saved many precious pictures on it. This afternoon I mistakenly removed all the photos. I’m so sad now because I do not back them up on my computer. So, can someone please tell me how can I recover deleted photos from my SmartMedia card?

I am so glad to inform you that you can indeed recover photos from SmartMedia card as long as new data on it have not overwritten your lost pictures. The basic acknowledgment of lost photos on your SmartMedia card is that they are just marked as inaccessible data and waiting for new data to cover them. So, stop using your SmartMedia card and get a SmartMedia memory card data recovery program to help you now!

How to Recovery Data from SmartMedia Card

Wondershare Data Recovery, or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is a fantastic utility that empowers you to recover deleted photos from SmartMedia card, no matter files are lost due to deletion, card formatting, system error or even virus attack. It is easy-to-use and risk-free feature makes your data recovery a really joyful experience. Right now you will be able to recover files like photos, videos, audio files, etc from your SmartMedia card.

SmartMedia data recovery

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It is very crucial that your SmartMedia can be connected to your computer with a card reader and be recognized as a drive.

Now let’s process this memory card data recovery by using Windows version. If you are using a Mac, you need to download the Mac version of the program.

Step 1. Select file type to start SmartMedia recovery

To recover deleted photos from SmartMedia card, you can select "Photo" to start.

recover photos from smartmedia card

Step 2. Scan your SmartMedia memory card

Here all drives and partitions on your computer will be displayed in program’s window. You just need to select your SmartMedia card and click "Start" button to begin scanning for lost files on it.

 smartmedia card data recovery

If your files were lost due to card formatting, please go to deep scan after the quick scan completed.

deep scan smartmedia card data recovery

Step 3. Recover deleted photos from SmartMedia card

All found files on your SmartMedia card will be shown in the window after scanning. You can preview photos to check whether your lost photos can be recovered or not.

 recover data from smartmedia card

In the end, you just need to mark files you are going to recover from your SmartMedia card and click "Recover" to keep them on your computer.

Note: Please do not save them to your SmartMedia card to avoid data overwritten.

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