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A Robust Memory Card data Recovery for data lost in any scenario

A powerful and reliable Memory Card Data Recovery Software

Wondershare memory Card data recovery is the perfect software to recover data loss due to deletion or formatting from any kind of Memory card. This software can recover photos, audios and videos from your memory card very easily. This intuitive is designed to be used with both Mac and windows users. It is easy to download besides its stability.

  • File Types
  • Supported Devices



VideoAVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.


Message & EmailsPST, DBX, EMLX, etc.

ArchiveZIP, RAR, SIT, etc.

How It Works:

  • 1 Select file types you want to recover

  • 2 Select your memory card to scan
  • 3 Preview and recover the lost files

WHAT SCENARIOS You Lost Your Data on Memory Card

• Improper Handling

Your precious videos, photos and audios on your memory card could be erased if you remove your memory card while it is in use. If you mount your memory card to a computer and remove it before commanding the computer to eject it safely, you stand a chance to loose your data. The logical file system of your memory is damaged thus making the data be erased.

• Deletion

Whether you delete data accidently or intentionally on your memory card the data will be erased and the space will be marked free. When you managing files on your memory card be keen on each action that you make so that you don’t erase files.  In some cases you could delete videos instead of watching them on your phone.

• Virus infection

Using your memory card in more than one device can lead to data loss. For instance using your camera on computer then removing it and using it on camera can lead to virus infection. One of the devices could already have virus and it will eventually spread across your memory card thus your data will be erased.

• Formatting

It is advisable to format your memory card at least twice a year.  So when you format your memory card on your computer you can erase data accidentally. The situations gets worse if you hard not done a back up of files.

How to avoid data loss on memory cards

The data on your memory card is very precious that is why you have stored them on memory. Imagine loosing all your precious holiday photos, funny Halloween videos and your favourite audios on your memory card. It is therefore important to protect your data always. Here are few ways of preventing data loss on your memory card.

  • Backup files
  • Before you format or partition your memory card ensure that you backup files that is in your memory card.  Doing a backup files does not hurt instead it is beneficial and more safe in case your memory card is broken or damaged. 

  • Keep off from natural disasters
  • Like any other storage media device you should also keep your memory card out of dirt, heat, cold or any fluids. If your memory card is caught with dust use isopropyl alcohol to clean it rather than using water.  Store your memory cards well that they cannot be exposed to these extreme temperatures like heat.

  • Remove it safely when mounted to device
  • Practice good working habits. Do not plug your memory card while it is in use.  When using it on your computer ensure that you eject your memory card safely. Moreover, do not use one memory card for more than one device.

  • Use antivirus on your devices
  • You never know when a virus infects your device that is why you should have an antivirus on your computer.  This will also reduce the chances of your memory card being affected by virus.

Knowledge Base for Memory Card

A memory card is portable storage device that uses flash media to store data on phones and cameras. It allows you to store videos, Images audios and texts used for small-scale purposes. Memory cards come in different capacities and sizes Types of memory cads include, compact flash, multimedia cards memory sticks and much more.

Tips on using memory cards

  • Always store them well, keep off from dust and extreme temperatures.
  • Format your Memory cards at least twice year.
  • Purchase quality memory cards.
  • Do not plug memory cards when they are in use

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