How to Fix Mac Battery Life?

With great technology comes great responsibility. Not just to use it wisely, but also to maintain it and ensure your device serves you for a long time. Although sometimes with even the best possible care our electronics don’t function smoothly throughout their lifetime.

Apple devices are known for their quality. In the USA, Apple has nearly monopolised the smartphone and laptop market. Being a brand of such high quality, there are few occasions where any problem arises and few people who know what to in such situations.

This article deals with power issues and tells you what to do if your Mac is running out of power too quickly.

How long can a Mac battery last?

The duration for which your MacBook battery will last is highly variable. It greatly depends on the model, the age, the usage and many other factors. Typically, however old your MacBook is, the battery should last for at least 5 hours given moderate usage and at least 3 hours if you run apps that consume too much RAM and in turn too much power.

Recent models of the MacBook, like the MacBook Pro, boasts a 10-hour battery life even if you are running heavy apps.

Method 1. Change display setting

A common solution that doesn’t need mentioning is to change display settings. Your device takes up a considerable amount of power just to display the output for a given duration (Say a few seconds) and at a given brightness. Thus, decreasing the brightness of your screen and even reducing the duration after which your laptop can “sleep” greatly helps.

You can dim the screen by pressing the F1 key until you reach a suitably low brightness level. Turning off the sound also helps although not to a great extent.

Another thing you can do if your Mac is running out of power too quickly is Invert the colours. Inverting colours reduces the brightness, helps colour-blind people and displays output on the screen whilst using lesser power. The display is composed of many black pixels as opposed to the standard white. Displaying images on the screen via white pixels drains out more battery as opposed to doing the same through black pixels.

To do this the following steps must be followed:

  1. In System Preferences, click Desktop and Screen Saver.
  2. Select Desktop and then choose Solid Colours
  3. Here, select White
  4. Go to Accessibility and click “Invert”.

Method 2. Check Apps energy usage

One of the most dominant factors that affect the duration of your battery is the apps that you run. You can see which apps eat up the RAM and drain out the memory in the Activity Monitor. Graphical apps like high-end games and even IDEs, in general, consume a lot more power as opposed to other apps.

What you can do if your Mac is running out of power too quickly is install and use primarily those apps that show low battery consumption as one of their main features. Of course, it’s not plausible that your MacBook will solely function on energy efficient apps. Certain basic and integral apps itself are the ones that consume the most power. However, this should be implemented as much as possible.

Use Energy Saver System Preferences to increase the amount of time your battery can function. This automatically optimises the battery usage without needing prompts from the user at every point. Turning the Wi-Fi off whenever not in use, disconnecting hard-drives, peripheral devices and the like will also help your battery last longer.

Certain processes at times malfunction and take up too much CPU time and even eat up the RAM. You can monitor these apps or processes in the Activity Monitor and select the “Quit” icon so that the processes stop.

Method 3. Replace MacBook battery

This option should be taken after you’ve tried every possible solution out there. You can go ahead and inquire about this issue with your local computer guy or skim through the several panaceas on forums such as Stack Exchange and Quora. This is a fairly common issue with long-time MacBook users thus, the forums may be of help.

Most MacBook batteries last at least 5 years. This claim is although not guaranteed by Apple itself, it has been stated by many users. Despite vigorous use over long periods, customers have stated that their batteries began underperforming only after a period of 5 years. Hence, if you’ve been using your device for more than 5 years, you should consider having the battery replaced after all other options have been exhausted.

Method 4. Contact Apple

Contacting Apple is the ultimate last resort. You might need to incur huge costs. Customer Service first begins by re-performing whatever remedies you probably would have tried already.

These centres are generally very helpful though. You can even avail benefits of your loyalty to the brand here. They might provide you cheaper alternatives or inform you of useful products before anyone else. If the battery is underperforming due to any inherent defect, you can have it replaced free of cost.


Apple is one of the most popular brands in computers and other personal devices and is known for its quality. While it functions smoothly for a considerable amount of time, in the long run, the power tends to run out quickly. There are many things you can try to optimise your battery usage such that consumption remains at an all-time low without hindering functionality.

The above tips include changing display settings such as reducing brightness or inverting colours. You can monitor apps and processes that drain out the most battery and manage them. You can even replace the battery or contact Apple so that they can personally handle the issue in more extreme cases.

The duration of the battery in the recent Apple MacBook Pro is about 10 hours assuming continuous usage of heavy apps. Also, the MacBook battery generally lasts people about 5 years. As a user, you can stay assured that you own a highly efficient good-quality device.

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