Solutions:How to fix MacBook not charging problems?

While all Apple products surpass their competition due to their superior quality, like all things, they too are not perfect. While there are generally few complaints regarding the MacBook, most complaints are regarding charging problems.

Apple aims to be completely wireless. A striking feature due to which they’ve been able to differentiate their products are their designs. At present, Apple is looking to make even charging wireless or at least using the least amount of cable as possible. These designs that implement the ultimate motive of the brand have gotten mixed responses considering their usability.

How to fix macbook not charging problems

Due to this a lot of charging issues were raised and the functionality of the powering devices was in question. Here we see what you can do if your MacBook is not charging.

Method 1: Check the basic faults with the Mac

Sometimes these issues may be a result of carelessness or even absentmindedness by the users. Other times there may be an issue with the working of your Mac. Before approaching any external entities, thoroughly examine your device and make sure you have no reason to suspect any fault in it. These faults may be easily rectified with little help of the online community or even members of your household. Here is what you can do to fix the charging problem.

First and foremost carefully examine the hardware. This is the easier part of your examination as the hardware is tangible. Make sure all connections are secure and the hardware doesn’t appear worn-out or damaged. Even dust can hinder the smooth flow of current hence, your device won’t be able to get charged. Make sure the power source is switched on and is functioning properly.

At times processes or programs that drain out the battery would be running on your Mac. When this happens, even if your device is plugged into a power source, it will not be getting charged for the little power received is quickly drained. Disable these programs and select Energy Saver in Preferences so that this is prevented.

After this, you can even shut down your computer, remove the battery and place it back again. Then restart the computer and plug it into a power source. While it sounds like a layman’s solution, surprisingly it seems to be very effective.

Sometimes the tiny LED that indicates if the device is being charged may have stopped working. In such a case, try to rectify the same so that it can accurately denote the condition of the MacBook. The laptop may even get heated up so turn your PC off for a while and allow it to cool down. Charge it again after the laptop has properly cooled down.

Method 2: Reset SMC

This should be opted only after exhausting all previous solutions and making sure the hardware is in order. It is commonly suggested on the online forums and by the Apple Support itself. Resetting your SMC (System Management Controller) is fairly simple. It doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge or any help. You can do it yourself, following the instructions available. This procedure is different for MacBook versions before and after 2009.

Versions before 2009:

  1. Shut down your MacBook.
  2. Disconnect the adapter from the computer
  3. Remove the battery. The battery is found at the base that is on the underside of the keyboard of your Mac.
  4. Hold down the Power button for at least 5 seconds.
  5. Place the battery back in its place and reconnect the adapter to the device.
  6. Switch your computer on and try charging once again.

Versions that were released mid-2009 and after:

  1. Shut down your MacBook.
  2. Connect the adapter and the USB cable to your computer.
  3. On the keyboard simultaneously press the Power, Shift, Control, and Option keys to the left.
  4. After about 5 seconds, release all the keys.
  5. Switch the computer on
  6. Try to charge it once again.

This works as the system is alerted regarding the charging issue. It will ensure best possible connection and transmission of power to the device.

Method 3: Make a reservation at the Genius bar

How to fix macbook not charging problems-method 3

It’s not just its products, Apple even serves its customer in style. In all Apple retail outlets, there is a Genius Bar that has been set up to deal with major as well as minor technical hassles. While they are available throughout the working hours of the Apple store, it is better if you approach them with a prior reservation.

What you can do to fix the charging problem is reserve an appointment and be present at the day and time agreed upon. The staff here has the necessary technical knowledge to deal with such situations. If there is an inherent defect with the product itself you can even have it fixed and/or replaced at absolutely no cost.

This option is the last resort and while the support team does keep the customer’s best interests in mind, it is the most expensive option compared to the rest.


In its quest to go wireless and manufacture products that are superior in terms of quality and design, Apple has made breakthroughs in technology and surpassed its competition. A majority of the few complaints regarding this product were related to charging issues. We have listed the possible things you can do to fix the MacBook charging problem.

The first and simplest course of action is to thoroughly examine all the hardware such as the adapter, the cables etc. The user must ensure these are all connected securely and appear to be in good condition. They should also be clean so that there is no resistance to the smooth transmission of power.

You can even try resetting the System Management Controller by following the appropriate steps corresponding to your specific device. As a last resort, you may approach the technical support team that is also referred to as Genius Bar. They are present in all Apple Stores during the working hours. However, it is better to approach them with an appointment.

Considering the quality of Apple products, such a situation is unlikely to arise. Nevertheless, you are now empowered to handle your MacBook’s charging issue all by yourself.

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