How to fix frozen Mac and Apps

We all sometimes have that experience when we are in on a very important activity (Or not) on our computer and then, suddenly, programs stop responding, screen freezes and we see that annoying color wheel beach ball running around in circles pop up in our face and almost nothing seems to work. Imagine being in the middle of an important job on a software and then everything crashes and you probably lose your work progress and get a setback in that work. This can be far from a tad bit frustrating. Although system freeze is not a common site or occurrence on the Mac OS over the years, but it does happen just like in any other OS, anything can go wrong that would cause an app or the entire computer to freeze or probably crash at any point in time. In this article, we’ll be looking into causes and how to fix a frozen Mac or how to fix frozen apps on Mac to avoid loss of work or files.

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Part 1: Why frozen Mac happens?

When the Mac OS freezes and your laptop starts staring at you in a state of unresponsiveness, there are quite a number of diverse causes and reasons for the rare but disturbing occurrence. Sometimes it, just a single app that takes a toll on the well-being of the entire computer and it takes down the OS’s into a state of comma. When we are aware of the causes, then we can be able to address how to fix a frozen Mac and then eventually Fix frozen Mac. Some of these few causes includes.

Part 2: Why frozen Apps happens?

Just as we know that a frozen app can cause the entire Mac OS to freeze, it is also possible for a frozen OS to be the cause of a frozen app on app. When other processes or other opened apps has overwhelmed the memory of your Mac with abundance of activities, it can cause an app to freeze. An app can also be frozen if it is too large and too demanding for the specifications of your Mac. Or if you decide to run some commands that suddenly requires better brain power of the system, e.g. trying to render a high quality animation on a low specification MacBook. This might lead to a frozen app. Now how to Fix frozen apps on Mac.

Part 3: How to fix frozen Mac?

Now that we know a probable source of our frozen Mac, let us learn a few ways on how to fix a frozen Mac.

1. Kill Processes Using Activity Monitor:

One of the most effective methods on How to fix a frozen Mac is by killing memory consuming processes on your Mac.

  1. First Launch the “Activity Manager” from ~/Applications/Utilities
  2. You should see a list of running and active process; you can sort them to view the process with the most memory
  3. Find a process that you feel might be one of the culprits of your frozen Mac and select it
  4. Now click quick process to kill the process

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2. Check your startup items:

Freezing sometimes can be caused by underground running apps that startup when you log in to your computer.

  1. Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner and select “System Preferences”
  2. Click on “Users & Groups” and you’ll see the “Login Items” tab
  3. How to fix frozen Mac and Apps-3

  4. Now you can remove some of the login items you feel are unnecessary.

3. Clean Unnecessary Files:

When you don’t seem to be able to place your hand on why exactly your Mac freezes at random times, sometimes you just need to free up some space on your MacBook by deleting all unnecessary files from your hard drive including some videos that are not needed or better still you can transfer some personal data to an external hard drive for safe keeping to free you Mac’s internal memory.

4. Force Restart:

When the Mac freezes completely and nothing works, a forceful restart process can be initiated. Before forcefully restarting, be sure you are taking this as a last resort cos nothing else works. Simply press and hold the combination of these keys “Control+Command+Eject” for a few seconds. This would tell Mac to save your work and then restart the system. You may also forcefully shutdown the laptop by pressing down the power button until the laptop goes off.

Now you can explore the options above to Fix frozen Mac.

Part 4. How to fix frozen Apps on Mac?

1. Quit or Force quit a frozen app

One of the ways to fix frozen app is by shutting the app down first and then restarting the app

  1. Click on an empty space on your desktop
  2. Now right click on the frozen apps icon in the dock
  3. Now hold the “Command” button on your keyboard and you will see the “Quit” option change to “Force quit”
  4. Select force Quit to close the app immediately. Note that this method may not save your work before exiting

How to fix frozen Mac and Apps-4

You can also shut down the process associated with the app in the Activity Monitor program on Mac.

2. Deleting the Apps Cache files

If every other effort to Fix frozen app has proved abortive and the app keeps freezing no matter what, you may decide to delete the frozen apps cache files using command prompts from the Terminal.

  1. First Launch Terminal on your MacBook
  2. Now type in the following command line without the quotes and press enter “Mahesh:~ Mahesh$ open $TMPDIR../C/”
  3. A new folder would pop up with a lot of folders
  4. Now locate the folder with the name of your app to be deleted e.g. “” for “App Store” app
  5. Delete the folder or move it to trash


There are several reasons for a frozen app or a frozen Mac. In this article, we have been able to establish a few reasons as well as provide solutions on How to fix a frozen Mac and How to fix frozen apps on Mac. If you ever find yourself in an app or A Mac frozen situation, simply follow the steps above.

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