How to Fix Computer Crash after Installing Windows 10

The upgrade to Windows 10 hasn't been a completely happy affair for the users. After the update, many users complained of computer crash after installing Windows 10. If you are facing the problem of computer crash after installing Windows 10, it could be because of a number of reasons. To start with, you could be facing the blue screen error, along with low CPU performance, all this adding to the woes of your Operating System. In this article, we look to address the issue and see why the problem of computer crash after installing Windows 10 occurs.

Computer Crashes Randomly

One can use the reliability monitor to seek a quick, user-friendly guiding mechanism that will display all the recent system and application crashes. We were first introduced to the Reliability Monitor in Windows Vista, and it has been on all modern versions of Windows since then. Simply hit the Window key and type "˜Reliability'. You then have to press Enter in order to launch the "˜View Reliability history' shortcut.

how to fix computer crash

If the computer crashes randomly, you'll be able to see a "˜Windows failure' here. Application failures list out all the crashes relevant to your application. Alongside, it offers you other information which might be useful in understanding why computer crashes randomly. If the computer crashes randomly after the installation of a particular software or hardware program, you may have to perform system restore.

This program shows us events from the Even Viewer in a manner that appeals to amateurs as well. Window Event Viewer would also supply us with this information, but it won't be that understandable.

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IF you are looking to access Windows Event Viewer to understand why computer crashes randomly, launch the Start menu and search for "˜Event Viewer', then move to "˜System' under "˜Window Logs', and look for "˜Error' messages. The same error messages are also viewed in the reliability monitor. However, don't be alarmed by every message that appears in this window.

The other reason when computer crashes randomly could be the blue screen error which we shall discuss in detail in the following section.

Blue Screen Error causes Computer Crashes Randomly

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Check for Updates:

Often, the blue screen error occurs because the Windows have not been updated for a while. One can go to the search box on the taskbar, look up for Windows update, and select the same option. On the page of Windows Update, you can check for updates, and thus, install the necessary updates.

Hardware Elimination:

In rare occurrences, introduction of hardware to your system can cause a blue screen error. For the ones who are experiencing such an issue, it is advisable to remove the USB Drive or any other hardware device that has been installed, shut down the PC. You can then turn on the PC.

Reduce the Animations running:

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Windows tends to run a lot of animations, each of which can cause your PC to slow down, and therefore, it is advisable that you disable these animations. One can press the Windows key+ X or right click on the Start button and select "˜System'. Then move over to the "˜Advanced System Settings' on the left pane and choose "˜Settings' button under the Performance tab. You then have to choose the option, "˜Adjust for best performance under Visual Effects to disable all the animations', or select "˜Custom' and remove the individual animations you are not interested in using.

Check for Memory Leak to ease Hard Drive Crash:

It is possible that one of your programs is not releasing the memory it has been using after its completion. This can cause the device to run slowly. You can check for the program that is using the most memory by performing the following steps:

Event Viewer can come in handy if one is looking to check for program errors and other relevant troubleshooting information.


While normal users could blame the Windows 10 update for the problem of computer crash after installing Windows 10, it must be understood that the problem might arise due to one of the above listed reasons. One should ensure that the RAM installed is functioning properly as low memory is often reason behind the computer crash after installing Windows 10.

How to Recover Lost Data caused by Computer Crash

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