What to do when you Suffer a Hard Drive Failure

Part 1: Factors that might cause hard drive failure

In the wake of advancement in science and technology new and advanced technologies are being developed to make sure that the users are kept in the comfort zone so that they feel soothe of the tech product being used. But despite of all this the factor or uncertainty and unreliability remains there and it has caused the manufacturers to build the products that are not only reliable but also in line with the requirements of the users. Hard drive is also a tech product that is used by the users all over the world in PCs, laptops and even palmtops are now embedded with this medium of storage. There are many factors that lead to the hard drive issues and failures and most common of them are listed as follows.

1. Firmware faults

It can also be regarded as the manufacturers fault and it is one of the greatest cause of unhappy customer when it comes to these tech companies. A brand new hard disk installed is either not read by the system or it crashes after few days of installation. Hard drive firmware faults though are not common so they occur seldom. One of the main causes of this issue is the delivery of hardware without testing.

2. Electric failure

It is also one of the causes that is suffered by the user if there is a severe power fluctuation or the electricity surges. The main cause of this issue lies at the user’s end and the UPS is not able to deliver the full power supply to the PC. It is also one of the reasons that led to the manufacturing of laptops. The UPS is to be replaced soonest possible to make sure that the issue is fixed for the user.

3. Corrupted files

This is also one of the reasons for which the user is responsible. Unethical ways of shutting down the computer or keep plugging it in the power source for long periods of time might cause this issue. The user should install a registered antivirus to make sure that the issue is resolved and the system is also periodically scanned automatically. It also makes sure that the best is delivered to the user and the life of the hard drive increases.

Signs that suggests a hard drive failure

Keeping in view the reasons that have been mentioned above following are some of the signs that suggest that the hard drive is about to fail or crash to be more precise:

Part 2: What to do when a hard drive failures occurs

The user needs to make sure that the proper steps are taken in this regard to make sure that the issue is resolved in the best interest of the system so that the entertainment or the work could be enjoyed. Following are some of the steps that could be taken to avoid hassle in future:

1. Recover Data from Hard Drive failure

Wondershare Data Recovery is one of the best hard drive recovery software which make sure that the best is delivered to the users in this regard. The use of the program is very simple and against a minor amount the company is offering a lifetime license and free upgrades as long as the hard drive software is used. It has features that can be operated with the help of just mouse hovering and for the same reason it can be used by all users and even a layman can make full use of the program to recover hard drive data easily.

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2. Steps to Recover Data from Hard Drive Failure

Step 1. Launch wondershare hard drive data recovery software and select the type of files you want to recover.

Recover Lost data from Hard Drive

Step 2. Select a location to recover your lost data from hard drive

Recover data from Hard Drive

Step 3. Scanning all the files that have been found will be displayed on the quick scan result. If you can't find your files go to deep scan which can help yo search more file.

hard drive data recovery

Step 4. Previewe the recovered files and click "Recover" button to save s safe storage device.

hard drive recovery

3. Repairing the hard drive

Before taking the decision of replacing the hard drive the following process is to be applied to make sure that the last step is also taken to repair hard drive. Some steps that are included are as follows:

i. The user needs to make sure that the hard drive is being detected by the BIOS system:

repair hard disk

ii. The hard drive is to be opened up to make sure that it is tested by moving the header back and forth so that the noises are heard.

hard disk failure

iii. This step might be regarded as absurd by some of the users but refrigerating the hard drive for few hours also resolve the issue and the hard drive becomes operational once again.

Apart from these the users can also make sure that the hard drive is installed into another system and if it is working fine there then it means that the issue lies with the system and the motherboard is to be checked in this regard to make sure that the issue is resolved totally. It is also worth mentioning that if the processes mentioned here end in smoke then before replacing the hard drive professional help should be sought to resolve the issue in full.

4. Replace the hard disk

If the hard disk has been checked thoroughly and there is no way out which leads to the fixture then the following process is to be followed to make sure that the hard drive is replaced and the issue is resolved in full allowing the user to cope with the tasks that are related to the system:

i. The user needs to purchase a new hard drive:

hard disk failure - replace hard disk

ii. The computer side cover is to be opened to make sure that the internal wiring is exposed:

hard drive failure - replace hard drive

iii. The screws of the hard drive case are to be opened:

replace hard drive when it fails

iv. The sockets of the hard drive are to be connected to the correct ports and the hard drive is to be pushed in the case to complete the process:

hard drive fails to work

The above process is only to be followed if the hard drive is being used for home PC or just for recreational purposes. It is strongly advised to get professional help in this regard if the hard drive has very sensitive data which is being used for other purposes such as legal ones. It might lead to issue and problems for the users if the processes that have been mentioned above fail due to mishandling for which the user is solely responsible.

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