How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

The hard drive houses all of your files and you have to access them from it every time you need them. However, if you delete a file from the hard drive then it won’t become available to you unless you have a copy of it saved somewhere else. If you haven’t permanently deleted the file from the hard drive then you might find it in the Recycle Bin. But, in cases of permanent deletion, there is no way for you to get back your file. There are deleted file recovery tools that can prove to be of help to you if you want to recover deleted files from hard drive.

What caused files deleted from hard drive?

There are many causes of file deletion from hard drives. You can delete a file without realizing that you would need it at a later time. Then, there is the chance of accidental deletion as well in which you delete a file without meaning to. In both these cases, the deleted files can be recovered from the Recycle Bin, provided they haven’t been permanently deleted. Formatting is another way through which you can delete files from the hard drive. In such a scenario, getting back the deleted files won’t be that easy. File corruption is also among the reasons for forced file deletion as well. You will need a third-party hard drive data recovery tool in order to recover deleted files from hard drive in such instances.

The Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Program

Whenever you delete a file from the hard drive, it doesn’t get completely erased from the hard drive. The data is all there on the hard drive but the operating system can’t access it as that space on the hard drive is listed as free after file deletion. You just have to find a way to access that data on the hard drive in order to recover your file. The data recovery tools offer this service to you and can recover deleted files from hard drive with consummate ease. However, the tool needs to be a reliable one if you are to get back the deleted files. Wondershare Data Recovery is among the few data recovery tools which are both reliable and safe when it comes to recovering deleted data from hard drive.

Wondershare Data Recovery is capable of recovering data from a number of different storage devices. Whether you have a digital camera, a flash drive, a camcorder, a hard drive or even a memory card, you would have no trouble in recovering deleted files from them using this software. Moreover, it can recover almost any type of data from these storage devices within minutes too. It doesn’t matter whether you have accidentally deleted an image, an audio file, a video, an email or even a document, Wondershare Hard Drive Data Recovery can retrieve it in its original format within no time.

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Your Safe & Reliable Hard Drive Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
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How to Recover Deleted File from Hard Drive

The following is an instruction manual which provides detailed guidelines to you on how to recover deleted files from hard drive using Wondershare Hard Drive Data Recovery.

  1. Begin by launching the software which would require you to double-click Wondershare Data Recovery’s icon. Once the software is open, you need to decide the type of the files which you want to recover using the software. Select the file types which you have accidentally deleted and click ‘Next’ to move to the next step.
  2. recover deleted files from hard drive

  3. The software is going to provide you some options and you need to select the one where your files were located prior to deletion. Click the ‘Start’ button to launch the quick scan after picking your location from the available options.
  4. recover files from hard drive

  5. The quick scan doesn’t take much time to complete. It would be over within seconds and you would see a list of retrieved files. If this list doesn’t contain your deleted files then you should go for the Deep Scan. Click the deep scan option at the base of the screen to initiate it.
  6. The deep scan takes a little extra time than the quick scan. You can preview the files that the deep scan retrieves simply by clicking on their names.
  7. deleted files recovery

Accidental deletion of files is always frustrating. You lose important data without even meaning to. Files can also get deleted accidentally because of formatting as well. When facing such a situation, you should try to recover deleted files from hard drive as soon as possible. The reason for this is that if you wait longer, you might not be able to get them back at all. Data recovery software like Wondershare Data Recovery can help you in recovering deleted files from your hard drive both quickly and safely.

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