How to Recover Data from Bad Hard Drive

Hard drives store data in sectors. With the passage of time, some of these sectors turn bad and the data stored in them becomes unreadable. A hard drive that has a large quantity of these bad sectors is termed as a bad hard drive. Usually, the operating system masks the bad sectors and doesn’t store data on them. However, if your hard drive is out of space and has to utilize these bad sectors for data storage then you can find yourself in trouble. You can cause your hard drive to fail if you try to use the bad sectors of the hard drive. There are measures that you can take for checking and recovering bad sectors. But, if you want to recover data from bad hard drive then you need to make use of a data recovery tool.

What caused bad hard drive?

A bad hard drive is caused because of accumulation of a number of bad sectors which haven’t been recovered. As the bad sectors pile up, the hard drive becomes worse and worse for data storage and ultimately fails. There are various reasons for the emergence of bad sectors on a hard drive. The following are some of the factors that can result in the creation of a bad sector and turn the hard drive bad.

Free Download Hard Drive Data Recovery Program

If you have a hard drive with a lot of bad sectors and are having difficulty in accessing your files from it then you must try to recover them as soon as possible. For file recovery from bad hard drive, you should use a data recovery tool. Do remember to go for this option only after trying to recover the bad sectors using the Chkdsk feature. While there are various such tools available on the internet, most of them fail to deliver the required results. There are only a handful of data recovery tools that can recover data from bad hard drive safely and Wondershare Data Recovery is one of them.

Wondershare Data Recovery is capable of recovering data from various types of storage devices. Whether you have a hard drive, flash drive, memory card or even a digital camera, you can rest assured that this data recovery tool can retrieve the files present in it within minutes. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what the reason is for the data loss either. Be it virus infection, bad sectors, hard drive failure or accidental deletion, you will get back your data in its original form if you make use of this data recovery tool. Thus, Wondershare Data Recovery can recover data from bad hard drive no matter what condition it is in without damaging the hard drive.

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How to Recover Data from Bad Hard Drive

The following is a tutorial which provides stepwise instructions regarding the use of Wondershare Hard Drive Data Recovery for recovering data from bad hard drive.

  1. Select the file type you want to recover back, you can select the option "All File Types" and click "Next" button to start.
  2. recover data from bad hard drive

  3. Select the location where your data stored in, you can select your bad hard drive and click "Start" button to process.
  4. recover data from hard drive

  5. The action performed in the previous step would launch a quick scan of your bad hard drive. This scan won’t take much time to complete and provide you a list of the retrieved files. Go for Deep Scan if you can’t find the files that you are looking for in this list. Click the Deep Scan option from the screen’s base to launch this scan.
  6. After the deep scan, you can preview the recovered files and click "Recover" button to save.
  7. hard drive data recovery

Bad sectors can be extremely dangerous for your hard drive and can cause it to fail. There are a number of reasons which can lead to a bad sector. If you try to save data on a bad hard drive then you might end up losing a lot of the data previously stored on it. In such situations, a data recovery tool can come in handy as it can recover data from bad hard drive with consummate ease. However, not all data recovery tools are the same. You need to choose that tool which is both reliable and safe to use. Wondershare Data Recovery is one of the few data recovery tools that offer these features to you.

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