How to free up hard disk space on Windows 10

Depending on how you use it, the storage space in your hard disk can fill up very fast. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to uncover where all the space goes to. This article gives you guidelines and steps of how you can get to free up your hard disk space on your Windows 10 computer.

Part 1: 6 Ways to Free Up Hard Drive Space

Hard drives, regardless of their sizes, feel up really fast nowadays. Hard drives block you from performing a number of activities on your PC or laptop. If your Windows 10 PC or laptop tells you that your hard disk is full, the following steps will assist you in freeing up your hard drive space.

1. Disk Clean-Up

This is always the first option to try. Look for it in the start menu. It will automatically scan your computer and update you on the spaces occupied by temporary files, files in the recycle bin, downloaded updates and cache files. Of all the files shown, you can tick the ones you want deleted from your hard drive.

2. Uninstall apps and games

This is usually a fast and easy method of freeing up space on your hard drive. Getting rid of the games and apps you do not need is also effective. Simply go to ‘control panel’ then click on ‘uninstall a program’ this will bring you all the installed programs in form of a list. Rearrange by ‘size’ so that the programs with most space appear first. Remove the programs on by one. Or rather install a program that can enable you to get rid of them at once

3. Restore points

This option lets you roll back to your previous state after something goes wrong on your computer after installing a program. Restoration cleans up you disk space effectively. Look for ‘system restore’ it will bring ‘system properties’ of which you will click ‘configure’ to see the space the tool uses. Do not disable ‘system protection’ in case something goes wrong

4. Tone-Up Utilities – delete driver downloads, duplicate files and much more.

You can go beyond windows tools and get programs that can perform the tasks of searching, finding and deleting unnecessary files from your hard drive. Some of these software have the ability of locating duplicate files and deleting them. You can easily free up hard drive spaces using these programs effectively.

5. How to find hard drives

You can accomplish this by opening the ‘file explorer’ and type “size:gigantic” into the search bar. This will bring up a list of files that are above 128 MB in size. Through the list you are able to find large files like the downloads, backups, outdated drivers and so on. Carefully delete these files to free up disk space. It is also important to note that deleting some of the files could stop certain programs from running.

6. Delete back ups

Getting rid of backups is another way to free up disk space. In case you are using programs and software to back up your files, check for older versions of these software on your hard drive and delete them. Backups only occupy unnecessary spaces on your hard drive.

You should be careful on what programs you choose to delete because in the process, you might permanently get rid of your files that you still need. But you should not worry you much because there are programs and software to help you recover deleted files from your hard drive. For efficiency, avoid deleting the files you need by being keen.

Part 2: Data Recovery from Hard Disk

Wondershare data recovery software is a suitable tool to recover data from hard drive that might have been lost by freeing up hard disk space. The software is fast and reliable. It is widely used and very cost-effective.

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