How to Fix “Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem”

Seeing any kind of error message pop-up when you are working on your PC is quite annoying. The “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error is an alarming message which indicates that something has gone terribly wrong with your hard disk and you need to backup your data in order to protect it.

The “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error is generated if the operating system encounters a problem in reading something from the hard disk. This error message points to the fact that the hard drive is no longer safe for data storage and there is a need for creating a backup of the data before it gets lost permanently.

windows detedted a hard disk problem

What Causes this Error to Happen

There can be many reasons that can lead to the appearance of the “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error. The following are a few of the common ones.

Part 1: Solution to Fix "Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem"

The following are two solutions that you can try to fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error.

Solution 1: Utilize System File Checker

Most common users don’t know that there are some tools offered by Windows for fixing errors. A number of serious-looking issues can be easily resolved by utilizing this easy-to-use tool. While users don’t know which system file is important and if it has been corrupted, the System File Checker can find it out in an instant.

Open the search box by clicking the Start button and then type cmd in it. Choose the option, “Run as administrator” after right-clicking on it.

Click Enter after typing sfc /scannow in the command prompt.

system file checker

The process is relatively quick and any interiority violations will be revealed by its results. Scanning the protected system files and replacing the ones that have corrupted with backup copies is the purpose of this command. Until the verification has been fully completed, you should keep the window open.

Solution 2: Perform a ChkDsk

It is crucial to remain calm when trying to fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error. If solution one fails, you should consider performing a ChkDsk.

For this solution method, you will have to use the Command Prompt again. Type the letter of the partition drive on which you want to use the chkdsk command. Don’t change anything if the default partition is to be tested.

perform a chkdsk

Click Enter after typing chkdsk. ChkDsk will start working.

Chkdsk’s primary function is to examine and fix FAT and NTFS file system errors. So, if file system error was behind the appearance of the error message “Windows detected a hard disk problem” then chkdsk will fix it easily. It will also help you in getting a better idea about your hard disk and file system.

You can lose data while performing chkdsk since this process modifies the file allocation table. Thus, before using this command, you should backup all your data.

If you are seeing the error message “Windows detected a hard disk problem” then you should beware that it can result in loss of important data. You personal information, email, songs, movies, photos, documents and installed programs will all be at risk as the hard drive containing them might have gone corrupt.

Part 2: How to Recover Data from Hard Disk

In order to fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” in a comprehensive and safe manner, you will have to make use of a third-party data recovery tool that can help you to recover files from hard disk. Wondershare Data recovery software is a well-recommended utility that is capable of resolving the hard disk problems error and can retrieve files from heavily corrupted hard drives in a matter of minutes.

best data recovery software
  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
  • Preview before recovery allows you to make a selective recovery.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS X (Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.10, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra) on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro etc.
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The following is a tutorial which contains step-wise instructions on how to use the Wondershare data recovery software to fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error and recover data from hard disk.

Step 1 Select the type of files you want to recover, and you can select "All file types" ans next.

recover data from hard disk

Step 2 Select your hard disk which one you want recover lost data from, here choose the option External removable device.

hard disk data recovery

Step 3 If you can't find your lost files after quick scan, go to deep scan which will search more files.

recover data from hard drive

Step 4 After the scanning completed, preview the recovered data from hard disk and save to another storage decvie

hard drive data recovery

It is definitely a troubling sight to see the “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error message popping up on your screen. It means that the hard disk has gone corrupt and needs fixing. You can use various methods like ChkDsk and System File Checker to fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error. However, the best way to deal with this issue is to make use of a hard disk data recovery tool such as Wondershare Data recovery software.

3981454 people have downloaded it
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