The Best Alternative to Ontrack Data Recovery Free for you

Data recovery is the need of the hour. No matter what operating system you may be using on your laptop/PC- you can never be 100% safe from data losses. There are numerous everyday scenarios that can lead to data losses- and programs like the Ontrack data recovery tool are designed to help users in such situations.

Part 1: Why you need an Ontrack Data Recovery Alternative

While Ontrack Data Recovery is quite effective in getting back missing or lost files from reformatted or damaged disk volumes, it still isn’t the ultimate data recovery tool. There are various aspects of data recovery that Ontrack Data Recovery does not cover. It does not offer all of the features that are necessary for recovering data. This is where the need for alternative software to Ontrack Data Recovery arises.

Part 2: The Best Alternative to Ontrack Data Recovery for you

When it comes to the best alternative to Ontrack Data Recovery, there is no software better than Wondershare Data Recovery. It is considered the gold standard for data recovery and possesses all the features that are required for recovering data from damaged or reformatted storage devices. Moreover, it is extremely easy to download, install and use as well for both novice and experienced users alike. It is capable of recovering various types of data from all kinds of internal and external storage devices under various scenarios. Be it a virus infection, reformatted disk or files gone missing or deleted by accident, Wondershare Data Recovery can easily get them back for you.

The Best Ontrack Data Recovery Alternative

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
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Partition Recovery

Data loss for deleting or formatting partition mistakenly? Recover data stored on partitions that have been deleted or formatted,and even from lost or hidden partitions.

Deleted File Recovery

Accidentally deleted important files without any backup and empty the "Recycle Bin"? Recover deleted files from PC/Laptop/Server and other storage media easily and quickly.

RAW Hard Drive Recovery

Restore inaccessible, hidden or severely corrupt data that is usually caused by file system damage, RAW hard drive, RAW partition or partition loss with this powerful data recovery software.

Part 3: How to Recover Lost Data With Wondershare Data Recovery

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that will demonstrate to you how you can recover lost or deleted data from your Windows PC or Mac using Wondershare Data Recovery.

step 1: Select the file type you want to recover. You can either choose Other, Document, Email, Video, Audio and Photo options for this purpose. There is an All File Types option available too if you want to do a comprehensive search.

recover deleted data

step 2: Selection of the location where the data has been lost. Clcik the ‘Start’ button after you have picked your option to start scanning lost data.

deleted data recovery

step 3: It will initiate a quick scan which takes a little time but can’t recover all of the lost files in the location you have selected. To perform a comprehensive search for your lost files, choose the Deep Scan option.

deep scan recovery

step 4: After the deep scan has finished is previewing the retrieved files which can be done by individual clicking on the filenames on the list of recovered files.

wondershare data recovery


Data recovery can prove to be a time-consuming and difficult task. The following tips can help you in making this process a little easier.

Part 4: Overview of Ontrack Data Recovery

Ontrack Data Recovery is a data recovery tool that is capable of recovering various types of data from an array of internal and external storage devices including hard drives, memory devices, optical disks, mobile devices and even RAID systems. It has a simple procedure and can help you in getting back deleted files. Compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows, this recovery tool can retrieve files that have been lost due to accidental deletion, reformatting and disk corruption. Although it is available for a slightly higher price, Ontrack Data Recovery possesses a great deal of advanced features that make it a good option for recovering data.



Part 5: Wondershare Data Recovery vs Ontrack Data Recovery

Every data recovery software offers a range of features, and for most users, comparing the various options can be a tedious process. Wondershare Data Recovery and Ontrack data recovery are two of the most popular data recovery tools- and below is how these two stand against each other based on the most critical parameters of data recovery software from a users’ perspective.

I. Simplicity

II. Preview files before recovery

III. Searching for specific file types to recovery

Recovering data from reformatted or damaged disks or memory storage devices can be a very difficult task. Ontrack Data Recovery is considered a suitable option for this purpose but it isn’t the best data recovery tool available in the market. Wondershare Data Recovery offers almost all of the features provided by Ontrack Data Recovery and is much simpler to use and configure. It is capable of recovering all types of data from various storage devices both safely and effectively without using up much time.

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