How to Recover Deleted files from Android Phone SD Card

Trouble of Android SD Card Recovery

Android smartphones are amongst the most used smartphones these days, and one particular feature that makes them suitable for such a large user base is the fact that they are compatible with SD cards. SD cards give you the convenience to add and upgrade the storage of your phone as required. In addition to that, transferring data from your Android device to any other device, laptop or PC is also significantly less of a hassle.

However, SD Cards are not protected from data loss either. A few scenarios where you could have lost your Android Phone SD Card files are:

Whatever the scenario may be- the bottom line is that you need to perform Android SD Card Recovery to get your files back, and that is what you are going to learn up ahead.

The Best Android Phone SD Card Recovery Software

SD card recovery from an Android phone may seem like a tricky concept. There is no SD card recovery software in the Google Play Store that seem to work- but that does not mean that you are out of options. Wondershare Data Recovery is what you can use to perform Android phone SD card recovery with the best results and without too much of a hassle.

A few reasons to help you understand what makes Wondershare Data Recovery the best Android SD card recover tool are:

3981454 people have downloaded it

With that taken care of, let us go ahead and see how you can use Wondershare Data Recovery to perform Android SD card recovery and get back your lost/deleted/formatted files.

Recover Deleted files from Android SD Card

There is not a lot that you have to do for Android SD card recovery using Wondershare Data Recovery. Just go through the following guide that tells you everything beginning from installation to getting back your SD card files successfully.

Step 1 Setting up Wondershare Data Recovery on your PC

For performing Android SD Card Recovery, you will have to first setup Wondershare Data Recovery on your Windows PC. Visit the Wondershare Data Recovery to get the setup for the SD Card recovery software, click on “Try it for Free”, download the setup and install it. Also take out your android SD card from android phone, with SD card reader connect to your computer.

Step 2 Running the Wizard Mode for Android Phone SD Card Recovery

Wondershare Data Recovery will automatically start in the Wizard Mode. In this mode, follow a few simple on-screen instructions for SD card recovery. Click on Next to move on.

android SD card recovery step 1

Step 3 What is the type or extension of files that you are trying to restore?

The first question asks you the file type that you are looking to restore from this Android phone SD card recovery. Make the appropriate choice or go with the last option, then click on Next.

android SD card recovery step 2

Step 4 Selecting the Android Phone SD Card to recover from

In the next screen, select “External Removable Drive”, since we are trying to perform Android phone SD card recovery, and click on next.

android SD card recovery step 3

Step 5 Select the appropriate drive letter

You will then be a shown a list of all drives and devices connected to your PC. Select the appropriate option that corresponds to your Android SD card. Click on Refresh drives if it is not on the list and ensure that it is connected, then click on Scan to begin.

android SD card recovery step 4

Step 6 Getting back your files from the Android Phone SD Card

The scan may take a while, but after it completes, show all the lost/deleted/formatted files that you can recover from the Android Phone SD card will be shown. From this list, you can filter, search and even preview to find the files that are needed.

Select the files that are required and click on Recover. They will then be saved to the specified location. Additionally, you can also save the scan results to resume recovery from this step later on as per your convenience.

android SD card recovery step 5

Tips for Android Phone SD Card Recovery

Through this simple guide, you now have a fair idea of how effective and easy to use this SD Card Recovery software is. A few tips for SD Card Recovery to make your attempt even more successful are:

As one of the most versatile SD card recovery software, Wondershare Data Recovery can fulfill all types of data recovery requirements. What makes it even more useful is that Wondershare Data Recovery is available for Mac as well. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac SD Card recovery software is equally effective and efficient.

Thus, if you ever have a need for recovering data from your Android Phone’s SD card or any other memory storage, Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery is your best choice- no matter whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac device. The same great results are guaranteed for every configuration and recovery need.

3981454 people have downloaded it

Video Tutorial of Android SD Card Recovery

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