Top 5 Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 10

Windows registry is the database containing all your settings of the software and hardware of your PC. Whenever you install any software or make any changes in the OS, every setting you make or change is just saved in the registry and that’s why it's best to keep it clean!

Windows is a highly customizable OS and you can virtually change or customize almost everything according to your needs. But, have you ever noticed that windows OS tends to get a bit slow over time? If you are not taking proper measures, chances are, your PC will get slow and even lag sometimes. That’s because of overtime Windows registry gets a little messy and some old unused files aren’t deleted from it.

On the internet, you will find tons of best registry cleaners proclaiming to be the best but this is not the case. So, here in this list, you will find top 5 best registry cleaners for Windows 10. If you mess windows registry, your windows will likely corrupt. So, we highly recommend you to make a backup of your registry before getting your feet wet.

Top 5 Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 10

  1. CCleaner
  2. JetClean
  3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner
  4. Argente Registry cleaner
  5. Wise registry cleaner

1. CCleaner

An intuitive and user-friendly interface and timely check-ups make it the best. With CCleaner, you can get rid of the junk files within seconds. Furthermore, it lets you fix the broken registries which are an awesome feature. The CCleaner registry cleaner works on Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, Vista, XP and older Windows versions like 2000.


The software uses very little system resources and it can run on almost every configuration. Doesn’t matter whether you own the latest i7 laptop or an old PC from 2010, the softwarewill run smoothly on both PCs. CCleaner is basically a free software, but if you want personalized support as well, then you might want to get the paid version.

2. JetClean

JetClean is another top notch registry cleaner. It improves your PC’s performance by cleaning out the junk files from your registry. The software is light and uses almost negligible system resources to work.

registry cleaner

The interface of JetClean is pretty clean and you don’t have to be a tech savvy to use it. All you need to do is just launch JetClean, and perform a one-click scan, and the rest will be taken care of! Furthermore, with JetClean you also look into temporary files, recycle bin files, cookies, saved passwords, auto fill form data and much more. What’s even more interesting is that you can actually get rid of the unwanted applications using JetClean as well!

3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics is yet another best registry cleaner on our list! Windows registry is the most crucial part of any windows yet it is the most vulnerable part also. The registry becomes vulnerable to potential errors because of the corrupted entries, and the obsolete registry files which can your system to slow down or even crash! With this software, you can easily manage the windows registry and you can delete the junk files as well as fix the registry errors within seconds.

auslogics registry cleaner

After the use of this Auslogics, your system will run like a new one.

4. Argente Registry cleaner

Argente registry cleaner is another simple and effective clean solution for you if you want to keep your Window’s registry safe from the unwanted files. The software is very simple and easy to use and it works! You can get rid of the junk registry files in no time at all. It offers two types of the scan: one is the default scan in which the software checks for errors in all areas of the registry files. However, if you want a more customized scan, you can easily do so with the user-defined one.

Once the scan is completed, the software will show you a list of junk files, you can review them and then select those which you want to delete or you can delete all those files with just one click.

argente registry cleaner

5. Wise registry cleaner

Another best registry cleaner on our list is Wise registry cleaner. The software is light and straight forward to use, even a non-techy can use it with ease. You can optimize your PC and fix the registry errors with wise registry cleaner quite easily. All you need to do is perform a scan and a list of errors (depending on your PC) will show up. You can either check the detailed descriptions of those errors or you can select to just rectify those automatically.

Wise registry cleaner

If you accidentally delete registry file that was important, you can easily recover it with Wise registry cleaner.

We hope that this guide will solve all your registry problems and helps you improve and optimize your PC’s performance. However, there is one thing that I want to clear. Don’t expect registry cleaners to miraculously boost your PC’s performance! Sure you can fix the registry errors and get rid of the junk files but that doesn’t always mean your PC’s performance will get better.

With that being said, it's always recommended keeping your window’s registry as clean as possible and sure the above listed best registry cleaners will help you with that task.

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