How to Fix D3dx9_24.dll Missing Errors on Your Computer

What's D3dx9_24.dll error?

Generally D3dx9_24.dll missing error message pops up when its essential file is missing, corrupted or deleted, or the computer is not maintained properly, like:
• Misconfigured system files.
• Incompatible or outdated driver.
• Spyware infection that may add malicious codes to files and generate errors.
• Programs that is damaged or incorrectly installed.
• Issues in Windows registry.
• Presence of incompatible series of d3dx9_24.dll file.
• Low disk space.

And this kind of error can generate various annoying problems, such as blue screen of death error, low computer performance, system crash, data or files lost, browser crashes and so on.

Common D3dx9_24.dll missing error message

When the D3dx9_24.dll missing error occurs, there will be certain error message pops up to remind you that the operation is disabled, such as:
• File D3dx9_24.dll not found.
• The file D3dx9_24.dll is missing.
• The D3dx9_24.dll Windows runtime error.
• D3DX9_24.DLL is missing. Replace D3DX9_24.DLL and try again.
• D3dx9_24.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this.
• This application has failed to start run in Windows because D3dx9_24.dll could not be found!

1How to fix D3dx9_24.dll Missing Errors?

The D3dx9_24.dll errors are caused by different reasons, so there should be different solutions accordingly.

Step 1. Restart your computer

For the most part, the easiest way is to restart your computer. Sometimes the D3dx9_24.dll missing error is just a fluke, and a simple restart is enough to fix it completely. Additionally, restart is always a good first troubleshooting step to any other kind of PC problems.

Step 2. Get the newest Microsoft DirectX 9

Upgrade your DirectX 9 to the latest version. This may fix the D3dx9_24.dll missing error and it's a nice try.

Step 3. Repair Windows registry

The corrupted registry database may also result in the error. You can get a registry repair tool to get rid of the problem and have a complete scan for your computer to clear up the malware.

Step 4. Upgrade driver

If your driver is incompatible or outdated, you should upgrade it to the version that can work properly on your computer, and this is also a solution to the D3dx9_24.dll missing error.

If you don't want to try these solutions one by one, or really couldn't work them well, you can try some D3dx9_24.dll error fixing tools, and you can find them on internet. But do not download the D3dx9_24.dll file individually from any D3dx9_24.dll download sites in a hurry. Most of them are not approved sources for DLL files, and they maybe bring you bigger damages, outdated download links, virus infected files as well.

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