How to Repair Microsoft Office files

Microsoft Office is the most popular and well-recognized software suite in the world. It is utilized for the purpose of doing a number of office related tasks. Moreover, there are several domestic and academic uses of this software suite as well. This is the reason why Microsoft Office is widely used in homes and schools as well. Microsoft Office files are comprised of files from all of its software applications. For instance, Word files, PowerPoint files, Excel files and Outlook files to name a few. The Word files use the extensions, .doc or .docx. The PowerPoint and Excel files use the extensions .PPT or .PPTX and .xls or .xlsx respectively.

Troubles of the Microsoft Office Files Problem

Microsoft Office files have gone through a lot of upgrades in recent times and have become quite stable as a result. However, there are some instances that can cause problems to the Microsoft Office files and result in their corruption. It is important that you remain vigilant and ensure that such instances don’t come to pass. The following are some of the troubles that the Microsoft Office files generally encounter.

If your Microsoft Office files are exhibiting these kinds of troubles then it is a sign that they have been corrupted. This might be due to a bug that has infected the system and is causing the files to be corrupted. Moreover, there is also the chance that a media storage device has developed bad sectors and is causing the Microsoft Office files to corrupt. In addition to this, there is also the possibility that a sudden system shutdown has resulted in the corruption of the Microsoft office files.

Part 1: How to Manually Repair Microsoft Office Documents with Office

If your Microsoft Office documents have become corrupted and are in need of repair then you can use Office to fix them. Microsoft has added this repair feature into its Office suite which allows it to repair corrupted files automatically. However, sometimes you need to manually repair Microsoft Office documents with Office. The following is how you can accomplish this task.

  1. Launch MS Word
  2. Select any file in Word that is corrupted
  3. Open the selected file
  4. repair office document

  5. Click on the drop-down button located at the bottom right corner of the Open dialog box.
  6. In the drop-down menu, click on the option ‘Open and Repair’
  7. repair office document

Part 2: Repair Microsoft Office Files with Word Repair Tool

If you are confronted with a situation wherein it is impossible for you to manually solve the issue of a corrupted Microsoft office file then use the third party utility to repair Microsoft office. There are various such utilities available on the internet that promise to repair Microsoft office files in a comprehensive manner and restore their contents. However, most of them fail in their attempts. Only Stellar Phoenix Word Repair Software has the capacity to repair Microsoft office files in a safe and secure manner in the quickest possible time.

Microsoft Word Repair Tool
  • Word Repair Tool can safely repair corrupted Word files while preserving the original style and formatting of the document.
  • It has a search function that helps you quickly locate your files even if you don’t know their exact location.
  • After you have selected and eventually scanned a document, you can preview it in three different modes.
  • Word Repair is a Word document repair tool designed to fix almost all the word documents corruption errors.
  • You can choose between three different recovery modes: “Simple Repair”, “Advanced Repair” and “Raw Recovery”. One of these recovery methods will surely help you repair corrupted Word files.
  • Repairs corrupt MS Word file created in MS Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, and NT

Simple steps to repair corrupt Word file

The following is a guide that has been set up to provide users of the Stellar Phoenix Word Repair the chance to learn how to use this office repair tool for the purpose of repairing Microsoft office files.

Step 1 With Word repair tool to scan your corrupt Microsoft Office files from local drive.

repair microsoft office files

Step 2 All the corrupted Word files list on the result section,you can select one or mutiple file to repair.

repair corrupt Word file

Step 3 Select the cprrupted Word files for repair and click to start to repairing process.

repair microsoft Word files

Step 4 Selected corrupted Word file repaired successfully,you can preview it.

repair Word files

Step 5 Save the repaired Microsoft office files to your preferred location.

repair Word document

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