How to use Eraser for Windows

If you want to permanently erase data from any storage device then you might need to use an eraser. For instance, if you have some sensitive data stored on a hard drive which can be used against you then you might want to completely erase it from the hard drive. Since deletion won’t stop the data from being retrieved by a recovery tool, you would need an eraser to permanently erase all traces of it from the hard drive.

How to use Eraser for Windows

Many people don’t know how to use eraser tool for erasing data. In fact, erasing data using an eraser isn’t that difficult. You just have to pick the right eraser tool. There are various such tools available online which promise you permanent erasure of data from any storage device. However, there are a very few data erasers which can actually fulfill their promises and deliver you the desired results. Among these erasure tools, Stellar BitRaser for File is the one which is recommended by many experts. The reason for this is its ability to permanently erase various types of data from different storage devices.

  1. Download Stellar BitRaser for File for Windows on your computer and launch it.
  2. You can select any option to start erase data, any storeage device and other application trace, internet activities or other system file.
  3. eraser for windows

  4. Select the specific file and click "Erase Now" button to start eraser data on Windows.
  5. It will take for a while and complete erase, then you can reboot your system.

Stellar BitRaser for File is capable of removing data from any storage device in a single pass. However, if you feel the need to have more than one pass to ensure the permanent erasure of data then you can take a couple of extra passes.

More about Stellar BitRaser for File

Stellar BitRaser for File is the best data erasure tool available on the internet. The reason for this is the extensive list of features that it contains.

Erases Multiple Types of Data
Stellar BitRaser for File can erase various types of data from a number of different storage devices. Whether you are looking to erase a document, a video, an audio file or even a photo, this data erasure tool can erase it without encountering any issues whatsoever.

Permanently Erases Data with No Scope of Recovery
This eraser software has the capacity to permanently erase data from hard drives as well as flash drives, leaving no scope of recovery. Any data you erase using Stellar BitRaser for File can never to be recovered no matter which data recovery tool you use.

Offers Password-Protection
Stellar BitRaser for File understands that it can be used by anyone for permanently erasing files from the PC. Therefore, it offers a password-protection feature which allows you to ensure that this eraser can’t be used for erasing data except you. Using this feature, you can set and reset the password that only you know for opening the software.

Supports Various Data Erasure Algorithms
This eraser supports 17 different data erasure standards which are recognized all over the world. Stellar BitRaser for File allows you to use any of these erasure algorithms for erasing data.

To sum it up, eraser is a useful data erasure tool which helps in erasing sensitive data and making it unrecoverable. You might need to use an eraser if you want to permanently erase some data from your storage device. The eraser can perform the erasure by repeatedly overwriting the data until it becomes useless. There are various types of erasers available online but none of them are as good or effective as Stellar BitRaser for File. This eraser software is capable of erasing multiple types of data from various types of storage devices both safely and effectively.

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