How to Erase Memory Card

Memory cards are excellent storage mediums that can help you in boosting the internal memory of your Smartphones, digital cameras and video recorders. Due to the sensitive nature of the data stored on them, it is necessary to erase memory card if you want to sell it or have to share it with someone else. This would ensure that no one can access the data that had been stored on the memory card in the past.

Erasing the data from the memory card is the only way through which you can keep this data from being accessed by others. You can erase memory card data by formatting it. However, make sure that the erased data isn’t recoverable by any means.

How to erase data permanently from Memory Card

While formatting is a good way of erasing data from the memory card, it isn’t reliable when it comes to making data unrecoverable. Stellar BitRaser for File is the market leader in the data erasure industry. This software can erase memory card within a few minutes and can also ensure that the data on it is erased forever.

Here is a guide which provides step-wise instructions on how to erase memory card data using Stellar BitRaser for File.

  1. Download Stellar BitRaser for File on your Windows computer and connect your memory card to your PC
  2. Go to the section "Erase Now" and select your memory card to process.
  3. erase memory card

  4. Click "Erase Now" button to start erase memory card.
  5. You can reboot your system after erase complete.

Most data erasure software require multiple passes to permanently erase data from memory cards but Stellar BitRaser for File can accomplish it in a single pass. However, users usually have trouble believing that the data has been full erased. To assuage them, this data erasing tool allows up to three passes to permanently erase memory card data.

Thus, think about erasing it if you have a memory card which is running low on storage space or have sensitive data stored on it which you don’t want falling in the wrong hands. You can either format the card to erase its data or use a data erasure tool like Stellar BitRaser for File. Using the data erasing tool is the better option of the two because it can ensure that the erased data can’t be recovered using data recovery tools. So, if you want to erase memory card, always use Stellar BitRaser for File.

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