How to Cleanup C Drive on Windows

When it comes to Windows, C Drive is considered the most vital and crucial drive on the disk. After all, it is where all the system and application files are stored. Though, there are times when users are needed to clear C Drive. Mostly, it happens when they wish to get some added space to store other files. Additionally, users also perform cleanup C drive to get rid of unwanted or malicious data as well. To make things easier for you, we have come up with this stepwise tutorial. Read on to learn how to clear C drive right away.

Part 1: How to Cleanup C Drive on Windows with Eraser

Since it can get a little tedious to cleanup C drive using Window’s native interface, it is recommended to take the assistance of a third-party tool. There are plenty of dedicated data eraser tools that can help you clear C drive without any trouble. We recommend taking the assistance of Stellar BitRaser for file to do it. It can be used to wipe an entire hard drive, remove system traces, delete internet activities, and perform various other tasks. It provides an easy one-click solution to get rid of these unwanted files and make more space on the drive.

Besides performing cleanup C drive, you can also use BitRaser for file to delete your data without any recovery scope. It is a highly advanced and sophisticated tool that has plenty of added benefits.

Step 1: Download BitRaser for file on you Windows comuter and launch it.

Step 2: Go to select "Erase Now" option from the left panel and seelct the C drive.

erase C drive

Step 3: You can select files and folders from C drive you want to erase and click "Erase Now" to process.

Step 4: Wait for a while as BitRaser will clear C drive in no time. Once it is done, you can restart your system to complete the process.

erase files from C drive

Also, you can always apply multiple passes of the same operation to get assured results. This will help you make sure that all the unwanted space on your disk has been cleaned without much trouble.

Part 2: How to Free Up Hard Disk Space on Windows

With BitRaser, you can clear C drive in one click. It is a highly reliable and secure solution that comes with tons of benefits. Nevertheless, there are times when users wish to cleanup C drive from Windows native interface. If you also have the same requirements, then don’t worry. Even though this is a more time-consuming and less effective solution, you can cleanup C drive from Window’s native interface as well. We have listed these solutions right here.

1. Disk CleanUp Utility

You might already be aware of Window’s Disk CleanUp Utility program that can be used to clear unused space on a disk. To use this feature to clear C drive, follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch Windows Explorer and go to My Computer. From here, select C drive, right-click it and enter its properties.

Step 2. Under the "General" tab, you would be able to see a button for "Disk Cleanup". Just click on it to cleanup C drive.

cleanup C drive

Step 3. It will launch a pop-up window like this. From here, you can select the kind of files you wish to clean and click on the "OK" button.

Step 4. There is also an option to clear system files that you can access as well.

clear system files

2. Disable Hibernation

Hibernation is a distinctive feature in Windows that can come handy for those who like to access their system instantly. Lots of users choose to simply hibernate their system instead of turning it off. Though, this doesn’t let them reset their system cache and it piles up the unwanted space on their system. Therefore, it is recommended to disable hibernation on Windows. You can alter the system hibernate options by following these steps:

Step 1. Firstly, go to the power options on your system by clicking on the power button on the taskbar. From all the provided options on the left panel, click on "Choose what the power button do".

power options

Step 2. This will open a new window. Out of all the listed options, click on the one that says "Change settings that are currently unavailable".

system settings

Step 3. This will launch the settings for shutdown option. To disable hibernation, make sure that you have deselected its feature.

disable hibernation

Step 4. Save your settings and exit this window. Now, you can try to turn off your computer instead of hibernating it.

After following this quick and thoughtful guide, you would be able to clear C drive without much trouble. Use Stellar BitRaser and obtain empty space on your drive by getting rid of unwanted data. With just one click, you would be able to cleanup C drive using BitRaser. It is a remarkable tool that will certainly come handy to you on numerous occasions.

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