How to Clean Computer Hard Drive

If you want to clean up computer hard drive and free up disk space, you can delete or fomat your hard drive. If you want your sensitive data is gone forever, you can get an effective and safe eraser data tool to process.

Part 1: How to Clean Computer Hard Drive

Whenever you are planning on cleaning up your computer’s hard drive, you will require a strategy to do so. You might feel comfortable with doing it manually but you should be well aware of the fact that it isn’t the safest option since data from formatted drives can always be recovered unless it is overwritten by something else. So the best option here is to go for a good tool that offers such sort of features. Stellar BitRaser for file is one of the finest choices in this regard. It is a powerful tool that offers a bunch of features to help you clean up hard drive completely. Go through the following list of features to develop a better understanding:

If you are planning on carrying out a clean up of your computer’s hard drive, the first thing you require is to install the Stellar BitRaser for file software on your system. After you are done setting the tool up, follow the steps given below to clean up your hard drive and make all of your data unrecoverable.

  1. Launch Stellar BitRaser for file and click the section "Erase Now" to start.
  2. Select the drive you want clean up, and click "Erase Now" button to process.
  3. clean computer hard drive

  4. It will take for a while to complete erase, and you can reboot your system.

If you are not completely satisfied with the fact that all the data on your hard drive is gone, repeat the process a couple times and it would be vanished for sure.

Part 2: How to Clean Computer Hard Drive with Disk Cleanup

Another way of cleaning up your computer’s hard drive is by making use of Disk Cleanup. It is an inbuilt tool that comes with MS Windows. Follow the given instructions to proceed with the cleanup.

  1. Go to Start > All Progs > Accessories. Select Disk Cleanup from System Tools.
  2. Here you will see a list of files that you may delete using this tool. Check all the files that you want to clean up and make sure that the ones you want to keep are unchecked.
  3. Go to the tab titled as ‘More Options’ to get rid of unused programs and system restore files that you no more require. Be careful at this step as removing the wrong files may cause your computer to function improperly.

We come across different reasons that require us to clean up computer hard drive by letting go of all the data permanently. There are different ways of achieving this but the best and most convenient option is to make use of a strong and powerful tool like Stellar BitRaser for file. It is a high end tool that is capable of cleaning up your computer hard drive for all the data and making it unrecoverable. Regardless of the reason why you are planning on giving up your computer, never forget to clean it up in order to keep yourself from being a victim of data theft and privacy breach later.

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