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A Mac is similar to a PC when it comes to storage of data. Both PCs and Macs have hard disks which are used for storing all of their data. These hard disks keep on accumulating data, some of which is not even required by the user. This unnecessary data can slow down the Mac and hamper its performance. To get back some of this disk space, you need a tool that is capable of erasing the unwanted data in a safe manner. CCleaner for Mac is one such tool which can improve your Mac’s performance considerably by cleaning the redundant files stored on it.

If you are experiencing a dip in performance of your Mac then a major reason for it might be the junk files that are present on its hard drive. If you don’t delete them, they will continue to cause performance issues for you and won’t let your Mac work in an efficient manner. If you want to clean your Mac both safely and effectively then it is best for you to use CCleaner for Mac.

Part 1: Free Download CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac is basically a cleanup tool. It can help you in improving the speed and performance of your Mac by deleting the junk and redundant files which have been slowing it down. With this software, you can also make your Mac a lot safer and preserve your privacy as well. CCleaner is equipped with all the features necessary to boost up the speed of a Mac. The following are some of its main features.

Speed Boost CCleaner can help in increasing your Mac’s speed. This involves boosting up its boot time as well as improving its overall performance. The speed boost provided by this software is due to the removal of the junk files from the Mac’s hard drive.

Clutter Removal Macs are known for storing a lot of clutter in their hard drives. This clutter includes old programs and temporary files which are no longer needed by you. CCleaner for Mac removes this clutter within minutes, thereby freeing up the memory which was being taken up by the unwanted programs and files.

Online Protection CCleaner is capable of protecting your online activities as well. It does this by erasing your browser history and deleting the cookies stored by various websites on your hard drive.

Lots of Customization Options You get lots of customization options in CCleaner for Mac. You can use them to decide which files and folders you want to keep or delete.

Pros of CCleaner for Mac:

PCons of CCleaner for Mac:

Part 2: How to Clean your Mac on Windows

While CCleaner for Mac is an effective tool for cleaning up your Mac, it is not the best tool for erasing the unwanted data stored on your Mac’s hard drive. You need a powerful data erasure tool for this purpose which can ensure that the erased data is beyond the scope of recovery. Stellar BitRaser for File is among the best data eraser tools available on the internet which can effectively clean your Mac within a few minutes. However, do remember that you need to takeout your Mac’s hard disk and connect it to a Windows PC in order to use Stellar BitRaser for File for cleaning it.

The following is a guide providing step-wise instruction on using Stellar BitRaser for File for cleaning Mac hard drive on Windows.

  1. Download Stellar BitRaser for File on your Windows computer, and take your Mac hard drive connect to PC.
  2. Click the section "Erase Now" and select your Mac hard drive to start.
  3. clean Mac hard drive in Windows

  4. Click "Erase Now" button to start clear your Mac hard drive on Windows.
  5. You can reboot your sytem after erase complete.

Stellar BitRaser for File is fully capable of erasing data from a Mac hard disk on Windows in a single pass. However, if you don’t think it is possible then you can take a couple of more passes of the software permanently clean Mac hard drive on Windows.

In short, CCleaner for Mac is a good free tool which can help you in boosting the speed of your Mac and cleaning it of all its junk and clutter. However, if you want to erase the hard drive of your Mac completely then using a data erasure tool like Stellar BitRaser for File is a better option.

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