How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails in Outlook

We have all been there- accidently pressing ‘delete’ on some of those important emails and losing them. Or you could be just trying to make some space on your PC, and ended up accidentally deleting some files that were actually associated with your Outlook email account. Whatever the case may be- accidentally deleting emails is something that can and will happen.

As long as you use the right tool, deleted email recovery is possible- and that too without a lot of hassle. To learn more about how to recover accidentally deleted emails, continue reading.

Part 1: Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails from PST Files

1.Brief of PST File

A PST or Personal Storage file is the Personal Folder File used by Microsoft Outlook for storing a user’s data. The size of a PST file is around 2GB, and if you want to recover accidentally deleted emails, then this PST file is exactly what you will need. Apart from your emails, a PST file also has all the contacts that you have added, any calendar events and notes associated with it and other information from your Outlook account.

2.Overview of Outlook PST Repair

The quickest and most effective free email recovery software in the market at present is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. This tool helps in deleted email recovery by repairing any corrupt or damaged PST files, and then allowing you to recover any of your deleted emails. It allows the user to save any recovered emails in a range of formats, including PDF, EML, HTML, RTF and MSG. PST Files that are encrypted and/or password protected can also be repaired with it.

It also gives you the option to preview and recover specific emails, contacts and calendar events. The exact folder structure of the PST file is also preserved, thus making recovery faster in the future. The original file is not damaged. With simple steps to recover, this is one of the best solutions for deleted email recovery.

To repair the damaged PST files using Outlook PST Repair, follow the steps ahead:

Step 1 When you run Outlook PST Repair, click on the ‘Select Outlook File’ button, and then navigate and select the PST file that you want to repair and skip to step 4. If you do not know where the PST file is, then click on Find Outlook File.

recover accidentally deleted email message step 1

Step 2In this screen, choose the partition or drive where the damaged/corrupt PST file may be. Now click on Start, and the free email recovery software will begin scanning for any PST files in that memory space. Once the scan completes, a list of all the PST files will be displayed, and from this, you can select the one that you want.

recover accidentally deleted email message step 2

Step 3Now the path of the damaged/corrupt PST file will be there. Now click on ‘Scan Now’, and the tool will begin the process of repairing the PST file. This may take a while depending on how large and corrupt/damaged the file is. Once done, you can go ahead and use the file for recovery.

recover accidentally deleted email message step 3

If you have a PST file that is not damaged, and you are looking to recover your emails from it- then it is a very simple process as well. Just follow the steps ahead:

Step 1 Launch the free email recovery software, then select the PST file you wish to perform deleted email recovery from. Click on scan now, and the tool will begin scanning the PST file to recover accidentally deleted emails.

recover accidentally deleted email message step 4

Step 2 The scan may take a while to complete, and could take a few hours if the file is too large. Once it completes, a complete list of all the recoverable data- including your deleted emails, contacts and other things will be displayed. You can recover accidentally deleted emails from here by selecting the particular emails, right clicking on them and selecting the ‘Save As…’ option corresponding to the format that you wants to save the emails in.

recover accidentally deleted email message step 5

Part 2: Recover Deleted Email Messages in Outlook

That is not all you need to know about deleted email recovery. In case you wish to perform recovery directly from Outlook, then there is a way for that as well.

To recover your deleted messages in the Classic, click on the folder named ‘Deleted’, and then click on the option ‘Recovery Deleted Messages’ at the bottom. Outlook will then recover as many messages as it possible to the Deleted folder, from where you can move them to any preferred folder. Remember to move them from Deleted since the contents of that folder are erased periodically.

For recovering deleted emails in the new, go on the folder named ‘Deleted Items’, then choose ‘Recover Deleted Items’ on the top. A dialog box will then be displayed, which will consist of all the deleted messages for which recovery is possible. You can choose the ones you want from here, then select Recover, and then Ok.

Important Tips for Recover Deleted Email

Now that you know the best free email recovery software and a few other ways to recover accidentally deleted emails, this should no longer be an issue. However, in order to prevent such situations in the future and to get better results, here are a few things that you can remember:

With simple tips like these, you can easily recover accidentally deleted emails with the free email recovery software or any other method that you prefer.

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