How to Recover Files from Corrupted Flash Drive

Part-1: The Scenario of a Corrupted Flash Drive:

Have you ever been left frustrated by a corrupted flash drive? Ever gave the USB Flash Drive to a close friend for data transfer and got a corrupted one in return instead? This is often the case with most of us. We tend to get a corrupted flash drive almost spontaneously and out of the blue. While the hardware within the drive can be sought easily from a retailer, there are chances that you might actually lose crucial data due to the corrupted flash drive. Often, people look up for data recovery processes in order to restore data from their corrupted flash drive. Below, we give you all the knowledge you need to restore your important files from Corrupted Flash Drive.

Part-2: Corrupted Flash Drive Factors:

However, before we learn how to recover files from corrupted Flash drive, we must understand what causes this corruption in the first place. As always, prevention is better than cure, and with this knowledge, we can learn more about how to recover corrupted flash drive.

Part-3: How to Recover files from Corrupted Flash Drive

Often, if you have a corrupted flash drive, it won't be recognized by the computer. However, if your flash drive is still being recognized by the computer, there are a few steps you can take to restore the data using the Wondershare Data Recovery Software. Not only is this software easy to use, but it also makes sure that you don't have to worry about your lost data.

Here, let's a take a look at how Wondershare Data Recovery works:

You can restore data by conducting the Flash Drive Repair process. This involves the installation of data recovery software. Wondershare Data Recovery software has been in use for quite a while and offers users the opportunity to restore their crucial data. Here, we take a look at how it's done.

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It is a common knowledge that while saving your files; you would opt for a different storage device rather than the corrupted flash drive.

Part-4: Recovery of Data when the Flash Drive is not recognized by the Computer:

The question that now arises is what you shall do when your corrupted flash drive is not recognized by the computer. There would be a need to diagnose the flash drive so that your system recognizes it. Once the recognition is done, you can then use the Wondershare Flash Drive Data Recovery Software discussed in the above part to recover data from corrupted flash drive.

Here are some simple steps that can help your corrupted flash drive be recognized by the computer:

Part-5: Five Suggestions that can keep you from a Corrupted Flash Drive:

Here are the suggestions that can help your drive from not becoming corrupted.

Therefore, as we learn above, the knowledge comes in handy to recover files from corrupted flash drive or to recover corrupted flash drive. However, as we always say, prevention is better than cure, so keep your flash drive away from formatting.

Part-6: Video Tutorial of Corrupted Flash Drive Recovery

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