Windows Freezes or Stops Responding Solutions

A computer freezing is an error that is faced by most of the users all over the world. It is for the same reason that the user needs proper fixture so that the issue is not faced at all. There are tens of thousands of tutorials that have been written to resolve the issue of windows freezing. From hardware compatibilities to software issues this tutorial is the one that can be used to get the work done. The overall list of all the common procedures that can be applied is mentioned herein.

Windows Freezes

These are easy to follow and the tutorial has been written to ensure that the novice users get a helping hand in this regard. The CPU usage is usually 100% when the system is not responding. Corresponding to this the disk usage is also 100% if the system is not responding. The fact of the matter is that it is not mandatory for the system to show both of the usages 100% while it does not function. There are other reasons that are associated to this issue and these will be mentioned in full to get the work done.

Windows Stops Responding

Reasons of windows freezing and not responding

As mentioned earlier there are tens of thousands of reasons that are related to the windows not responding. The list of most common issues will be mentioned in this part of the program. It is also to be noted that the user needs to apply these simple processes to get the work done. If the problem is still not resolved then the way out will be mentioned in the latter part of the tutorial. The problems leading to this issue have been detailed here completely to get the work done:

How to Fix the Windows Freezes Problem

1. Hardware related problems

A malfunctioning hardware can be a cause of slow system. It means that the hardware that is deemed to be fit by the user can be the one malfunctioning. Therefore as a first step, the user needs to unplug all the external hardware devices to get the issue resolved. The user can also boot the system in safe mode and check whether the issue has been resolved or not. The conflicting hardware can be detected easily if the safe mode is enabled. The most common issues that are related to the hardware related issues is the BSOD or the blue screen of death.

Solution to Fix the Windows Freezes Problem

2. Driver related issues

It means that the driver of any hardware component is not working and hence the issue is being faced. It also means that the user needs to check each and every driver manually to resolve the issue and detect the conflicting app. The device manager is to be opened and the user needs to uninstall the component and then reinstall it once again. The drivers are at times outlandish and therefore they need to update manually. In all such cases the user should look for both the options and check the compatibility of the driver that is being run. Resolving the issue in this regard also resolves the issue of freezing windows completely.

How to Fix the Windows Freezes Problem

3. Registry related issues

The registry of the windows is a totally complex structure that has all the necessary components installed in it. If the registry has some minor errors in it then it leads to totally useless system. The user therefore should clean up the registry so that the issue is resolved completely. There are tens of thousands of registry cleaners that are available online and therefore they can be used to clean up the mess completely. The user should therefore check for all these software programs and should therefore ensure that the one that meets the demands is used to get the work done.

Tips to Fix the Windows Freezes Problem

4. Malware and virus

It is by far the most common reason leading to slow system. The installation of such malicious programs lead to OS installation and at times lead to useless hardware. In this regard care should be taken tremendously. It means that the user needs to check that anti malware that is being installed is reputed. Some programs are totally useless and users consider them as anti malware. These are actually the malware programs that have no base and the installation even lead to worse scenarios. The overall usage of such programs should be done with care. It is also advised to keep the anti malware built in program of the windows updated so that no issue is ever faced.

What to do if to Windows Freezes

5. Buggy apps

It is also one of the issues that are directly related to software part of the system. The main issue that a user faces in this regard is because of the antivirus. It might sound weird but it is a fact and therefore the user needs to ensure that the antivirus is uninstalled just to get the problem checked. If it is the issue then the user can look for an antivirus that has a relatively good standing in the market. The antivirus and the similar programs are the ones that crawl onto the system registry and other components making them slow. The antivirus recommendations based on manufacturer’s choice is thus to be installed so that the user never faces the issue in future.

What to do if Windows Stops Responding

Slow system is an issue that consumes all the resources of the system. The complete solution should therefore be applied to get the work done. The user can also post question on windows and other forums t get the work done. This will lead to first hand solution to the issues that are being faced in relation to the subjected problem. The user can also get the latest knowledge regarding the issue to get it resolved ASAP. If the applications are not written in line with the requirements of the users then it is the cause that leads to the issue which is never desired. It is also one of the reasons that lead to system crash. Application of the above mentioned processes might lead to issue resolution in most of the cases. Still if the user is faces the problem it is advised to reinstall the OS to get out of trouble easily and quickly.

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