How to View Source Code on a Website

As we are all aware of, the precious data we get from the Internet are offered to us using a homeplace called a website. A website is basically a storage that displays, shows and include multimedia contents. These include designing themes or related links, as well as the arrangement of the facts and information on the screen.

view source code on a website

Nevertheless, it has never been easy to create such a satisfactory website. In order to build such a complicated work, the designers have to write a lot of code. As a result, the code used to make the foundation for a website is called a source code. Since the source code is very useful, a lot of users with programming experience and skills really want to own it. Check out the following guide to help you to vide a website source code.

Part 1: How to View Source Code in Internet Explorer

  1. Open the website from which you would like to get the source code. Remember to type in the address correctly so as to avoid any unexpected side effects.
  2. From the selective menu, search for the View menu. Click on it to choose the option.
  3. view source code on a website

  4. In the dropdown menu that appears on the screen, drag your mouse down until you have found an option entitled Source. Click on it.
  5. Or if you do not want to go through these complicated steps, you should learn some tips about the shortcut key. Just Press Ctrl+U and then you will be capable of viewing the code.
  6. Another way to get access to the source code is to right click on the screen. In the new dropdown menu, find the View page source option and go for it.

Part 2: How to View Source Code in Chrome

view source code on a website

  1. Open the website from which you would like to get the source code. Remember to type in the address correctly so as to avoid any unexpected side effects.
  2. On the right corner at the top of the screen, you will notice an icon with 3 lines in horizontal. Click on it to begin your work.
  3. In the dropdown menu, drag the mouse and search for the option called More tools. Click on the bar to get access to the deep features.
  4. In the options provided after you have finished the previous step, click on the View source bar.
  5. Similarly, you will also be able to view the source code of the website by using the shortcut key Ctrl+U.
  6. On the other hand, another great choice for you is to add a prefix to the current address. Just simply put view-source before the link to the website and then you are given directly the code.

Part 3: How to View Source Code in Firefox and Netscape

view source code on a website

view source code on a website

  1. Get access to the website where you wish to get the source code.
  2. In the selective Menu, choose the Tools option.
  3. In the dropdown menu on the screen, search for the Web developer bar.
  4. Once you have drag your mouse to that position, you will see a tiny arrow that points to a lot of choices. Among them, you will see the Page Source option. Go for it.
  5. ust like the 2 other web browers, on Firefox it is also possible for you to type Ctrl+U and view the source code.
  6. Just like the Chrome browser, by adding the view-source in front of a certain address, you are enabled to view the source code, too.
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