Resolving Error Unknown PCI Device in Windows Device Manager

The lists of devices that are being used by the system are displayed in the device manager. It means that the user can configure, re-configure and update the drivers there. It is considered to be the vital component of the windows as it has all the information that can be used to make the device work properly.

Unknown PCI device error

At times there are certain issues that are faced by the users when the device manager is studied properly. One of the issues is the unknown PCI device that can be used to get the work done. It also means that there is a certain device within the system that hasn’t been configured properly. The main sign is that there is a yellow mark at the side of all such devices. This tutorial has been written to get the users out of this issue so that they can take a sign of relief. The unknown PCI device issue will be resolved once the user go through the text.

how to deal with Unknown PCI device in Windows device manager

Part 1 Causes of unknown PCI device

There can be any cause of the unknown PCI device that has been lurking the system. In this section the most common reasons that can be used to get the work done are explained. It also means that the actions that would be mentioned in the process part of the system are the ones that depend upon these causes. To get the most out of this tutorial it is advised to read through this part very carefully to acquire quality knowledge:

How to solve Unknown PCI device in Windows device manager

The first and the foremost reason is that the device that has been deemed to be unknown is that the driver has not been installed. They are normally branched under the other devices when it comes to device manager and the windows OS. This normally happens with the USB devices as well as the IEEE 1394 composite devices. If the user tries to view the properties of such devices then the error code 1 and 10 are displayed. These are the devices which get the awesome results for the users when it comes to the windows. However at times the drivers are not configured as the class drivers of the window does not support such devices. If the bus within the OS does not get the device then it is classified as composite device and the manager reports it.

The windows 95 and 98 are the ones that have virtual device drivers with the extension .vxd. If such drivers are installed in the windows of later version then the user gets the error of unknown PCI device. It is therefore recommended to get the results by installing the right and up to date driver for any device that is either attached or is built in.

Unknown PCI device in Windows device manager

The device identifier is an idea which ensures that the user gets a unique device number for each plug and play device that has been connected to it. On the other hand the device ID is to be recognized by the OS for the device to work properly. The unknown PCI device or simply the unknown device error occurs if the OS is unable to identify the correct device identifier. It mostly happens due to a malfunction device.

resolve Unknown PCI device in Windows device manager

Part 2 The troubleshooting techniques

There are many techniques that can be used to get the work done. It means that the user needs to assure that the correct process is applied so that the issue is resolved. In this part of the tutorial the process that can be applied to get the work done will be introduced. Again the processes are also embedded with screenshots so the implementation become easy and straightforward. Actually these processes are embedded with screenshots just for the novice users to understand.

Process # 1

1. The windows + R key is to be pressed to open the run menu to start the process:

Unknown PCI device error in Windows device manager

2. The user then needs to type in the phrase msinfo32 so that the hidden menu is accessed:

Unknown PCI device issue in Windows device manager

3. The components part is to be expanded which is located in the left panel of the program:

Unknown PCI device problem in Windows device manager

4. The user now needs to double click the problem devices. It will get an idea that which are the devices that are causing issues and troubles. The information can be seen in the right panel as per the picture below. The user can update the drivers of these problem devices. It completes the process in full:

solve Unknown PCI device

Process # 2

This is a process that is similar to the first one but not completely. It is therefore to be noted that the user can apply it if the first process has not given fruitful results:

1. By pressing the windows + R the user needs to access the run menu as shown in the figure below:

Causes of unknown PCI device error

2. The phrase that is then to be typed is msinfo32 and enter is to be pressed so that the following interface pops up:

tips to solve Unknown PCI device in Windows

3. The software environment subcategory is then to be expanded moving forward:

Unknown PCI device error

4. The user then needs to double click the start up programs:

Unknown PCI device in Windows device manager

5. The user can then see all the information in the right panel. If there is any error then event log will get the information for the user. The information is to be read and the necessary action is to be taken to curb the issue. This completes the process here in full:

Unknown PCI device in Windows device manager


If the processes above do not resolve the issue the user can take a look at the support forums of the tech websites. It will allow them to be get up to date knowledge and also the best outcome. These forums are managed by renowned websites such as CNET and Tomshardware and can be visited to get first hand info as well as resolution.

Unknown PCI device is not an issue at all. It is easy to resolve and the user needs to apply minimum effort. It is for the same reason that the user should look for the solutions as per the processes that are mentioned. If there is any type of issue which is being faced then a tech hand should be sought for to get the resolution of the issue mentioned.

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