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How to Succesfully Change My Browsers Home Page

Almost 98% of the total internet traffic comes from Google. The internet users therefore prefer to make the Google as their browser’s homepage. However it does not apply to all of the users. There are some users who want to make homepage that is other than the Google and therefore the conditions differ here. This tutorial has been written to ensure that the user gets the work done with class and quality and homepage is changed easily. The Firefox homepage as well as the Chrome homepage will be the ones that can be changed once this tutorial has been read in full. These are the two browsers that are used the most in the world of the internet. The complete steps will be mentioned to get the user out of the issues in relation to this process.

change my browsers home page

Part 1 The homepage and the related settings

The homepage is the one that the user changes as per the needs and the demands. It is also one of the most used features that can be managed as per the tech advancements. It is however to be noted that there are certain programs that can hack the homepage. For instance the safe search is a malware that hacks the browser and changes the homepage to safe search. It is also one of the issues that at times lead to windows reinstallation. The user therefore should take necessary actions to avoid the situation. There are tens of thousands of advantages that are associated with the homepage. These all will be discussed in the next part of the tutorial.

change browser home page

Part 2 Advantages and the phenomenon behind the homepage

The homepage is the initial or the main page of the website. It can also be regarded as the intro to the website. The first impression that the user gets is from the homepage that is seen. The user needs to set up a homepage that is in line with the professional as well as personal needs. The information about the homepage can be had from where the user can find the relevant information. As homepage is the first page of the website therefore the search engines index it while searching for the website. The websites should therefore get the homepage attractive. The flash content should not be embedded into the homepage as it is fatal for the search engine analysis. There is a slight difference between the homepage and the start page. The start page is the one that is browser based and the other is the one that is Google or internet based. There are certain advantages that are associated with the homepage. Some of them are as under:

how to change my browsers home page

steps to change browsers home page

Part 3 Homepage usability

There are certain ideas that are related to the homepage usability. Some of the ideas that are associated with the term are as follows:

tips to change browsers home page

Part 4 Major browers homepage change processes

Changing homepage on Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers of the world. It is rightly called as the developer’s browser. It has been embedded with the latest and the state of the art techniques in all latest releases. The interface as well as the speed of the browser is awesome. To change the homepage the process and the related steps are as follows:

1. Once the browser is opened the user needs to click the three parallel lines on the top right corner. It will access the menu that is heart of the browser:

change Firefox home page

2. The options are then to be selected to proceed further with the process. On the next page the user needs to check the general tab where the homepage is to be selected:

how to change Firefox home page

3. The user then needs to type the homepage. There is no OK or Apply option. The user then needs to close the browser to complete the process in full:

steps to change Firefox home page

How to change homepage in chrome

It is also one of the most used browsers that have been developed by Google. The overall mechanism that is to be followed has been mentioned as follows:

1. The three parallel lines at the top right corner are to be clicked. The settings are then to be selected. Alternatively the user can also type chrome://settings/ to access the page:

change chrome home page

2. The user then needs to select the option under the On the Startup option to proceed with the process:

how to change chrome home page

3. The set pages tab is then to be selected. On the next page the web address is then to be typed to finish the process. There is no OK or Apply button and once it has been done the user needs to directly close the browser:

steps to change chrome home page

Despite of the processes mentioned it is advised to all the users to check the online forums as well. This will allow them to get a handy process with full command to change the homepage. If the user wants to change the homepage in future then it will get the process done with ease.

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