How to competently create an out of office reply in Microsoft Outlook

There are tens of thousands of apps that have been developed by Microsoft. Some of them are so popular that they have reached the level of a brand. MS Outlook is one such app or program that is used as personal information manager. It is also one of the best and the most used program for email management. It is available as a part of MS office suite. It can be used as an alone application and also as a part of share point as well as MS exchange server. For multiple users on corporate level it is one of the apps that can be used with ease. This tutorial is all about creating out of office outlook reply. The out of office outlook 2014 will be dealt that is in line with the user’s demands.

out of office outlook 2014

Part 1 Advantages of Outlook out of office reply

There are certain advantages that are associated with the out of office reply. Below are some of the benefits discussed.

1. The email sender gets to know that the receiver is not in office. In this way not only the daily operations continue but the user also gets to know the others schedule

2. It is also one of the ways that seems to be professional and therefore leaves and impression that is good and stunning

3. The out of office replies can be customized as per the organizational needs. Most of the steps that are associated with the process are automated. The user needs not to follow any complexity with respect to the process.

out of office replies

4. Out of office replies are also regarded as the advantage of the Outlook. In other words some of the users prefer using Outlook as the process is too easy.

5. The overall setting up of the out of office reply is not at all difficult. When used with the MS exchange the results and the advantages are multiplied.

6. The out of office reply can be integrated with as many devices as possible. It is due to the fact that the MS has created the outlook to match the needs.

7. The organization of the replies is easy. The management as well as the sorting of the replies is also easy. The user therefore needs very less efforts to get the work done.

8. The interface of setting up the replies is also GUI. This graphical interface ensures that the user gets the work done with ease. The overall process management is also easy.

setting up the replies is also GUI

Part 2 History associated with the Outlook

The first version of the Outlook was a test run. It is for the same reason that the launch date and version number is not available. This version was developed for MS DOS and therefore it was known as Outlook for MSDOS. This version was bundled with the exchange server 5.5 and was regarded as a major development in the field. The first stable version was launched with the Windows 97. It was made a part of the outlook office suite 97 and was also bundled with the server exchange 5.5. The latest development has been done with the office 365. It has been made a part of office 2016. The overall management of the outlook has been made automated. The programs that have debuted with it are as follows:

History associated with the Outlook

For the clearer insight the user needs to visit the webpage at the URL which has all the details mentioned. From iOS to windows and from Android to other platforms each and every bit of information can be read from the URL that has been mentioned.

Part 3 Setting up Out of office reply in Outlook 2014

The process that the user needs to follow has been mentioned as under. The user however needs to fulfill the requirements as well before proceeding with the process.


Setting up the out of office replies

The steps that are to be followed are mentioned a below:

1. On the Outlook 2014 interface the user needs to press the windows logon button. When the next screen appears the user can see the automatic replies button:

Set up Out of office reply in Outlook 2014

2. Once the button has been clicked the user can see the new window. The date as well as the customized message has to be written to proceed with the process:

How to Set up Out of office reply in Outlook 2014

3. There are two tabs in total. One can be used to send replies to the people within the organization. The other can be used to send the replies outside the organization. Once done the user needs to press the OK button to finish the process in full:

Steps to Set up Out of office reply in Outlook 2014

Part 4 Setting up rules with the Out of Office replies

The user can also set up rules related replies as well. The process that is to be followed has been mentioned as below:

1. In the automatic reply window the user needs to press the rules button at the bottom left corner. The rule wizard will then be started to begin the process. In the screenshot below the most common rule that is selected by the users is mentioned:

Tips to Set up Out of office reply in Outlook 2014

2. The user can then specify the time span for which the out of office reply is to be forwarded. The process also ends here completely. The user also needs to set up customized message that is to be forwarded:

Set up Out of office reply in Outlook

The Outlook is definitely one of the best email management software programs. Integrated with the third party apps this program is the best of all. The overall issue as well as the solutions related to the program can also be had from the MS tell me feature. It is an obvious fact that the Microsoft has taken the program to the next level. The overall features are also made awesome in the edition that has been launched. To get the best out of the program it is advised to look for the online tutorials of the program.

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