How to fix ntdll.dll file and related issues

The ntdll.dll is a file that has been created by Microsoft. It has a description of NT layer DLL. This file contains all the possible functions that are NT kernel related. There are several location at which this file can be found. However the most common ones are c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32 directory, it can also be found at c:\i386 directory.

fix ntdll.dll

This is a critical system application that can never be stopped. If it is then the OS might run into errors. This file has also been deemed as a security threat of not dealt properly. The reason of this issue is that the file is infected with worm or malware. An updated antivirus program will ensure that the user never get any sort of issue. There are several troubleshooting steps that can be followed to get the work done. In this tutorial all such steps are dealt in detail.

fix ntdll.dll

Part 1: Fixing the ntdll.dll related errors

The issue of ntdll.dll error can be of any kind or sort. The user should therefore ensure that the follow troubleshooting steps are applied. The steps that are mentioned below do not belong to any one service of the windows. It is also advised to follow these steps in order to resolve the error to the fullest. If the error still persists then it is advised to download the ntdll.dll file. It can be found easily over the internet. The user can get the awesome outcome once the file has been replaced. However it should be done as a last resort. Following are the steps that are to be followed to get the work done easily.

fix ntdll.dll

• The ntdll.dll error might be due to the temporary system congestion. The user can restart the system to resolve the error completely.

• The ntdll.dll might be only due to the use of one program. In this case it is advised to install the program once again

• The user can also face the issue due to faulty motherboard. There are several tests that are related to this issue. They can be found online and performed to clear this part of the system.

fix ntdll.dll

• If the updates are not installed even then the user can encounter this error. In such case it is advised to install the latest features and proceed with the program.

• The windows service pack might be faulty at times. To curb this situation first of all get to know the service pack you are using. Check the Microsoft site and see if there is any recent service pack available. If yes then download and install it to get the issue resolved.

• The hardware and the relate drivers are to be updated. The ntdll.dll error might be due to the faulty hardware settings as well. The user should therefore update it to get the issue resolved completely.

• Bad sectors in the hard drive can also be the issue. The user in this regard should ensure that the hard drive is scanned for errors. There are many programs which can be found online free of cost. The built in Microsoft scanner can also get the work done easily.

• Another hardware related error is that the IDE cable is damaged. It is a cable that connects the hard drive to the motherboard. The user is required to check the cable and get the work done without any issue or trouble.

fix ntdll.dll

• A damaged part in the windows can also be the source of the issue. In all such cases it is required by the user to insert the installation CD and repair the windows.

• There are very rare cases where the user still gets the error when all the above mentioned steps are followed. If still the error persists then the hard drive has been severely damaged. It is advised to change it and perform a new installation of the windows.

Part 2: Technical points related to ntdll.dll errors

Following are the points that are technical in nature. The user is advised to get a helping hand if they are not tech savvy in this regard.

• Selectively disable the IE add-ons. A troublesome add-on might be the cause of the error. Once it has been disabled the user gets the full solution to the problem. The most important point is that the ntdll.dll error is only IE related. Installing a compatible browser can also resolve the issue completely.

fix ntdll.dll

• In the task manager there is a program running as explorer.exe. The user can disable the data execution prevention to ensure that the problem is fixed. It is a step that can only be followed for the ntdll.dll related error. If the problem still persists then it is advised to revert the settings to older version.

• Disabling UAC is another option that can be followed to get the work done. While most of the users are not comfortable with the absence of User Account Control some them are.

fix ntdll.dll

• The RAM slots are to be checked. A faulty port might be causing the issue in this regard. The user is advised to overcome the issue by checking the hardware that is RAM related.

• If the error is being faced time and again then it is advised to perform a clean windows installation. It means that the installation disk is the culprit in this regard. If the same disk is used over and over then the error will never be resolved. It is therefore important to get over the issue with the help of clean installation of windows.

While it is not hard to detect the ntdll.dll error still it can cause issues. The users are therefore advised to overcome the issue with the help of the steps which are mentioned as above. If any of the step does not solve the issue the next will definitely do. Every step that has been mentioned here is the one that performs in line with the system demands.

fix ntdll.dll

The ntdll.dll error can cause several issues that are related to core OS. If not resolved in time then it can lead to hardware damage. The user is therefore advised to overcome the issue as soon as it is detected.

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