How to formate or wipe a hard drive for future use

How to format a drive is a question that is not hard to answer. It applies to both external as well as internal hard drives. On the other hand how to reformat a hard drive is another question that the users normally encounter. The two categories that are mentioned here are the ones that should be considered i.e. internal as well as external. If the user has the question that how to wipe a computer then the same tutorial that can be used for this as well. It is advised to read through the tutorial in order to wipe the hard drive and start again. Formatting a hard drive is easy to perform and all the related scenarios will also be discussed in the latter part of the tutorial.

Part 1 Why hard drive wipe is required?

There are several reasons that are to be considered to wipe a hard drive. It is definitely not a spontaneous reaction that is to be executed. It is therefore advised consider the following points before the hard drive is wiped. These points are also the reasons to wipe a hard drive:

1. At times the bard sectors are the ones that cause the hard drive to become slow. It is therefore advised to wipe the hard drive to overcome the issue.

2. The user at times also requires removing the data for the hard drive usage. It is therefore another factor that contributes toward the data erasing

hard drive wipe or format

3. When it comes to the system’s internal hard drive then the slow performance leads to the data removal totally. The hard drive is wiped to ensure that the user gets the optimal performance 100%.

4. At the corporate level there are tens of thousands of documents that are confidential in nature. It is therefore one of the reasons to ensure that the data is copied and removed entirely.

hard drive wipe or format

Part 2 Advantages of Data Wipe

There are several advantages or pros that are linked to the data erasure. The user therefore needs to ensure that these factors are also kept into consideration. In simple words the user needs to ensure that the data wiping covers all these factors. It is necessary to get 100% out of the phenomenon. Some of the points are as follows:

Part 3 How to wipe/format a hard drive?

The process that a user needs to follow in this regard is too easy. This part of the tutorial will give deep insight regarding it. The process that has been chosen is the one that is too easy to follow and therefore the user can apply it without any issue. It is also one of the best ways to ensure that the data that has been deleted is never recovered without any specialized program. It is only the high end program that can be used to get the work done. The complete process that is to be followed is mentioned as under:

1. Once the external drive has been attached to the system the user needs to find it in My computer. The drive can be easily seen under the removable devices menu. The drive is then to be right clicked so that the format option is chosen:

hard drive wipe or format

2. In the box that pops up the user needs to choose the format option as per need. It also optimizes the user experience:

hard drive wipe or format

3. The start button is then to be pressed to execute the process. Once the format has been completed the user also gets the process completed in full:

hard drive wipe or format


The process that has been mentioned here is the one that can also be applied to the internal drives. The only thing is that the user cannot format the part where the OS has been installed. For formatting the entire internal drive the OS is to be installed once again.

Part 4 Data restoration

There are tens of thousands of free as well as paid tools that can be used to reverse the phenomenon. Wondershare Data Recovery is a tool that can be used to ensure that the work is done in line with the user’s requirements. It is also one of the best options that can be used to ensure that the user gets the work done without any issue. There are tens of thousands of satisfied users that have posted millions of comments for the program. The software has a highly positive rating and therefore it is strongly recommended. The mentioned URL also has a complete process that can be applied to get the work done. However for the ease of users following are the steps that are to be applied. They have been mentioned for the ease and satisfaction of the users:

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Download Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer, with it you can easily and effective to perform deleted file recovery, RAW hard drive recovery and partition recovery. Follow the next simple steps to perform hard drive data recovery.

Step 1: Select the file type. To recover data from hard drive, you can go to select the option "All File Types" to start.

recover deleted data from hard drive

Step 2: Select the target which you lost your data. Go to select hard drive and click "Recover" to scanning lost data.

hard drive wipe or format

Step 3: This hard drive data recovery will start to scanning. If quick scan can't get your data you can go to deep scan.

deep scan hard drive

Step 4: Once the scan has been finished the user needs to view the files that pop up. The recover button is then to be pressed to restore the files and this completes the process in full:

hard drive data recovery

Wondershare programs are developed to make the life of the users easy. It is therefore advised to all the users to restore the data by using the program that has been mentioned. The restoration is done almost 100% and hence the data is protected altogether.

3981454 people have downloaded it
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