What to Do When a Computer Freezes or Locks up?

In this tutorial the most common issues that lead to computer freeze issues will be discussed. It is to be noted that the user can find the computer froze due to any reason and therefore there is no specific fixture for the issue. It is therefore also read the tutorial till the end so that the problem is resolved in full.

computer freezing error

The most common way to determine the system freeze is the NUM lock key. Whether PC or Laptop the user needs to press is to see if the light associated to the key blinks. If this is the case then the necessary process should be adopted to get out of the trouble. The frozen program can then be determined from the task manager and it should be ended to get the work done completely. The overall application of the processes that have been mentioned in this tutorial are simple and straightforward.

computer freezing issue

Part 1 Why system or computer freezes?

There are tens of thousands of reason literally that are associated with the idea. It is therefore not a single idea that can let the user solve the issue. In the next part of the tutorial the user will get the answer to the question that has been subjected. The processes are kept simple so that the user can get them applied without any issue and trouble.

How to fix the problem when computer freezes

From software compatibility to hardware issues there are tens of thousands of issues that are related to the subjected issue and they all will be highlighted accordingly. The processes are mentioned in such a way that if there is a next time then the user can apply them on their own and get the outcome that is in line with their requirements. It is however an advent fact that the user gets frustrated by this error and therefore it is to be resolved ASAP.

How to resolve the issue when computer freezes

Part 2 Causes and remedies of the computer freeze

There can be any reason that leads to computer freezing. It is therefore advised to all the users to follow the steps that are mentioned as under to get the problem resolved.

1. Software conflict

At times the user gets software installed that is not in line with the requirements of the PC. It is therefore one of the issues that lead to this problem that has been subjected. A software conflict can arise due to virus as well as malware installation as well. It is therefore advised to the users to look for all the programs that have been installed. The windows can also be booted in safe mode and the related errors are checked for. Once it has been done the user will find that the problem is fixed and there is improvement in the overall process management of the computer. In case of malware or virus it is advised to run a diagnostic test in form of antivirus to get the problem resolved.

what to do if computer freezes

2. Too many programs opened

This might also be the issue in this regard. The user needs to ensure that the task manager is accessed and the programs are checked. If the unnecessary backend programs are being run it is then advised to get the work done with the help of the end task mechanism. It means that the programs are to be closed and the user then needs to wait so that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

what to do if computer locks up

3. Driver issues

A corrupted and outlandish driver can also cause the issue in this regard. Within the task manager it is advised to update all the drivers to get the issue resolved as soon as it has been detected. At times this single action takes the users out of the trouble and therefore it is highly recommended. Within the device manager the yellow exclamation mark or the red X is to be looked for. If any such mark exists then it means that the user needs to download and a fresh copy of the driver or get it updated. For the update the driver is to be right clicked and the update driver is then to be selected so that the latest updates are downloaded. It will most probably get the issue fixed for the users.

how to fix the problem if computer locks up

4. OS related problems

If the windows or any other OS does not have the latest updates installed then the user can get the issue. In order to update the windows the process that has been mentioned as under is to be followed to get the results that ate in line with the requirements:

a. On the main window the user needs to type in control panel. It can also be accessed by sliding the finger from right to left on when the desktop is opened:

computer locks up issue

b. The system and security is then to be accessed to proceed in this regard:

how to solve the computer freezing problem

c. The windows update feature is then to be installed to ensure that the user proceeds forward with the process:

What to Do When a Computer Freezes or Locks up

d. The check for updates tab is then to be pressed to proceed in this regard. The windows will then look for the updates automatically and this completes the process in full:

computer freezes

Again the processes that have been mentioned above are the ones that are not the rule of thumb. It means that the user can apply other processes to get the work done. If the issue is not resolved then it is also advised to check for the manufacturer’s website to get the issue resolved completely.

The problem that has been highlighted in this tutorial has other common fixtures as well. It is now up to the user to apply the one which he deems fit. It means that the user can also get the other resolutions to get rid of the problem. The overall way out from the issue is not only easy but at times the built n tools can also be used to get the issue resolved. The third party installations can also be used to ensure that the user gets the work done without any delay and in line with the requirements. The processes that are mentioned above are the ones that are mentioned on the official website of Microsoft.

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