How to change mouse cursor easily

Mouse and the related terminology of entering data shows that the windows have taken the OS to the next level. It is a terminology that has not been introduced before the windows were launched. Every mouse comes with the cursor and therefore it is one of the easiest ways to ensure that the user opens and closes different programs with ease and satisfaction. It also lets the user knows that there is a way other than the keyboard that can be used to control the windows.

change mouse cursor in Winodows

The cursor can also be controlled with the help of the keyboard but this way is not in. Most of the users like the mouse device in particular to get the work done easily. At times the user wants to change the mouse cursor and don’t know the process. The tutorial has been written so that the user comes to know what should be done in this regard.

change mouse cursor in Winodows

Part 1: Some tips regarding the topic

There are some tips that are to be followed to ensure that the user gets the work done without any issue and trouble. These will also be helpful if the user wants to change other mouse settings as the mouse properties in whole have been discussed here:

• From the mouse properties the user can select the different versions of the mouse that are available. It also leads the user to change the speed as well as the trail settings that are to be set as per need of the user.

change mouse cursor in Winodows

• The new scheme is to be created if the user is applying separate settings on the mouse cursors or is applying the same settings to different cursors whatsoever. It will allow the users to ensure that the user needs not to change the settings for each mouse cursor individually in future. The scheme is just to be selected to apply same settings across different platforms.

• The simple as well as the animated cursors can be used to get the work done. The simple ones are embedded within the windows and the user can therefore change them as they wish. For animated ones the user needs to download the file and then save it to the mouse files. This folder or file is usually located in C:\ Windows folder. It can be found easily and the change can be applied as well.

change mouse cursor in Winodows


The complete process to change the mouse settings has been mentioned at the URL and the user can take advantage of the process to get the work done. This is the article that has been officially published by the Microsoft and therefore the user needs not to worry about the application of the process at all.

Part 2: Advantages of using mouse in windows OS

Using mouse is not a new idea when it comes to the windows users. There are many advantages that are associated with this idea. To make the point brief and up to the mark following are some of the advantages that are worth considering:

• Mouse makes the usage of the windows quiet easy and in line with the demands of the user. It is also easy for the user to ensure that a certain task is carried out with ease and satisfaction

change mouse cursor in Winodows

• It is also one of the most features of the windows. It can also be regarded as the primary function that leads to the user satisfaction and desired results.

• The mouse also needs no tech training on user’s behalf. It is not only easy to work with but also leads to the results that are awesome and state of the art.

• With the mouse the keyboard usage is also reduced significantly. The swiftness as well as the overall usage that has been associated is the one which makes a user satisfied in all aspects.

• Not just the professional use the mouse is also used for fun and amusement. It is therefore quiet easy for the user to entertain oneself with the help of this awesome tech addition.

change mouse cursor in Winodows

• The productivity of the people working with this idea increases tremendously. The user now needs not to worry about the keyboard usage. In simple words the keyboard usage is cut short.

• There are certain mouse devices that come with power saving functionality. It means that the user needs not to worry about the power usage as they turn off automatically.

• The use of mouse brings precision in work and therefore it is one of the devices with which there are no errors associated. The malfunctioning mouse is the only idea which effects the performance of the device overall.

Part 3: How to change mouse pointer with ease

The process that is to be followed to change the mouse pointer has been mentioned as below. The steps are again embedded with screenshots and therefore it is easy for the users to understand it:

1. The user needs to hit the windows button so that the start menu appears:

change mouse cursor in Winodows

2. The search tab is then to be hit to proceed with the process:

change mouse cursor in Winodows

3. The control panel is then to be typed so that the windows search for it:

change mouse cursor in Winodows

4. The user then needs to ensure that the mouse option is hit once the control panel opens:

change mouse cursor in Winodows

5. The pointer section is then to be hit to proceed:

change mouse cursor in Winodows

6. Under the customize option the user then needs to ensure that the pointer is selected as per choice. Once it has been done the OK button is to be hit to end the process in full:

change mouse cursor in Winodows

The user can apply the processes that are mentioned as above to get the subjected issues solved. It is also to be noted that the user can apply other methods as well when it comes to this change. There are certain external resources that can also be used to get the work done. The third party installations are the one which make it possible for the users to change the pointer as per demand. The above process should therefore be considered just as the internal and built in when it comes to windows.

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