Is it possible for Apple Macs to get viruses?

For the recent years, Microsoft has claimed to be the boss in the information technology field. By far, it has taken pride in producing numerous lines and brands of products that drive the world crazy. Nevertheless, the past decade saw the advent of Apple's company. Founded by Steve Jobs, Apple soon proves to be another excellent choice for users.

Part 1 The popularity of Apple Macintosh computers

One of the most noticeable brands of Apple is the Macintosh computers and laptops, which are usually called Macs or Mac for short. Since its introduction, Apple has tried their best to develop and innovate the Mac line in order to turn it into a household name. As a direct result, nowadays more and more users are becoming interested in Mac computers or laptops. They show their pleasure and satisfaction at the marvelous and incredible features as well as the design of a typical Mac device.

On the contrary, it always comes to be great concern to the users of technical devices about the security. It is possible to protect their Mac computers or laptops from malware or viruses? What softwares should be applied in case the Mac gets infected?

If you have been kept in the dark about these issues, now it is time for us to throw a light. In this article, you will find the latest information about everything you need to know on Mac's security level as well as the potential precautions.

Part 2 Do Apple Macs get viruses

The majority of users misunderstand that since Apple Macs is newer than Microsoft, it is well protected from any kind of viruses or malwares. But it can not be further from.

the truth. Macs, as well as any other brands of computers and laptops, are able to get infected from viruses. So basically the answer is Yes.

On the other hand, the chance of a Mac to be infected is usually quite rare in comparison with a Microsoft computer. But since the widespread use and popularity of Apple Macs, people using it nowadays are suffering from the infection of viruses and malwares more than ever before.

Below are the main reasons stating why it is less likely for a Mac computer or laptop to get viruses and malwares than a Microsoft one.

So now you may wonder, what causes the infection of a typical Mac computer or laptop? Basically, there is quite one reason why your Mac can be affected. You have installed an additional software with unclear origin in the Internet. Not to mention the fact that others plug-ins as well as add-ons are contributed to the infection of your Mac device. Bear in your mind that one of the most common way for a Mac device to get viruses is through Internet tools such as search engines or web browsers.

Part 3 6 Excellent Mac Antivirus Software

#1: SentinelOne

If you are working for a corporation or company and you are probably looking for an absolutely perfect Mac antiviral software which can be used to defeat the threats to your Mac devices, then SentinelOne will be your great choice. Within seconds from the moment it detects a potential virus or malware, the software itself will attack it and erase the threat without any diffuculty.

mac anti-virus

#2: Kasperky Internet Security

If you are willing to pay for a small cost of about 35 pounds each year, then Kasperky Internet Security is more than happy to provide you with a secured way to protect your Mac computer or laptop from any threat. Furthermore, the impact of its on the whole computer will enhance the speed as well as the efficiency. What are you expecting more from a antivirus?

mac anti-virus

#3: ESET Antivirus for Mac

Another Mac Antivirus Software that you should try on your Mac device is the ESET Antivirus for Mac. It offers you 100% protection from viruses as well as outer force harms, reducing your chance of getting infected to nearly zero. Just a tiny cost for a year with plenty of features, you will not have to regret once purchasing it.

mac anti-virus

#4: Avast Mac Security

If you are looking for a small, effective and useful tool to help you get rid of the anxiety of receiving threats, then Avast Mac Security is designed for you. This lovely software has been innovated to delete the potential threats and analyze any necessary viruses. A perfect solution to your problem.

mac anti-virus

#5: Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus is a free-of-charge software that has been tested and confirmed to be 100% efficient in the process of protecting your Mac devices. It makes sure the viruses and malwares do not affect your devices badly, and gets rid of them whenever possible.

mac anti-virus

#6: Sophos Anti-Virus

Another free yet powerful tool that you are highly recommended to try is the Sophos Anti-Virus. It only asks you to fill in some information, and then it will take control over the protection of your Mac computer or laptop. Do not worry if you are afraid that a free software can not help you much. On the contrary, it has been acknowledged to be one of the best antiviruses for Mac recently.

mac anti-virus

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